Sunshine Coast Beaches Helicopter Flight

Sunshine CoastHelicopter Flight
Duration: 18 Mins

18 Minute Scenic Helicopter Ride



per person
Minimum 2 Passengers
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How good is the Sunny Coast.
Locals love it (although it's getting a bit busy, right?!).
And tourists can't get enough!

But what is it about the Sunshine Coast that people love so much?

  1. The people?
  2. The lifestyle?
  3. The Beaches, duh

Well, sure it's all of the above. But if you're visiting the Sunny Coast then catching a wave is a must-do.
But swimming is over-rated, and with the abundance of world-class beaches you can't exactly see them all in united effort.
Or can you?

With the Sunshine Coast Beaches Helicopter Flight, you'll combine 2 out-of-this world experiences:

  1. Sunshine Coast Beaches, and
  2. Helicopters

Is that enough buzzwords for you?
It's like the gods have crafted this wicked potion in their lab and delivered it to us on a golden platter with red velvet lining.

If you haven't picked up on the message - this is too cool to keep to ourselves, so we want you to join us!

So Here's What to Expect

Leaving from the Caloundra Aerodrome, the flight heads up north.
On the journey, you'll experience:

  • Moffat Beach
  • Kings Beach
  • Point Cartwright Lighthouse
  • Mooloolaba Beach (and the big Cheescake!)
  • Alex Heads & the Maroochydore CBD

Where to Meet

Head down to the Caloundra Aerodrome. There heaps of parking. And plenty of busses coming here as well.

What to Wear

Get cosy. Wear some comfortable shoes and clothes. If you need to, you can get so cosy and turn up to your flight in your pajamas. It might not look so cool on on your Instagram account - or maybe it will?! I'm not the fashion expert.

Although, take a miss on light colours! If you're taking pictures out of the helicopter, your white shirt might reflect on the window!

The Route

Sunshine Coast Beaches Flight

If the flight needs to be cancelled due to awful weather, we will contact you ASAP to reschedule to your preferred time, or provide a 100% refund.


Max passenger weight: 120kgs
Bookings are for individual passengers
Media package with video/pictures available
Flight commencement subject to clear weather conditions


7 business days or more
100% refund
7 business days or less
no refunds


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