Sirromet Helicopter Winery Lunch

BrisbaneHelicopter Flight
Duration: 2 Hours

Return Scenic Flight To Sirromet Winery.



per person
Minimum 2 Passengers
Buy As Gift


- 60 Minute Flight

- 90 Minutes at Sirromet Winery!

- Lunch Not Included

Become a celebrity for the day on our luxury winery helicopter flight and head out to Brisbane’s most luxurious winery. Sirromet winery offers an immaculate service with vintage wine and gorgeous food all made from local produce. Relax on the veranda over lunch and the beautiful vineyard views. Or indulge on an informative wine tour; the choice is yours. Truly an experience of a life time.


This sensational flight starts with a lap of the Brisbane CBD, a great photo opportunity and then on to the main event! After engine start you will head straight for the Brisbane CBD, one of the more scenic parts of the experience. The views of the city from above are stunning. Brisbane’s great skyscrapers, the Brisbane Eye, various park lands and stadiums make for excellent viewing!

After a few laps of the city, your pilot will track towards The Sirromet Winery. (On a side note the name “Sirromet” is actually just T.E. Morris spelled backwards, but more on that later.) On the way to Sirromet you will catch glimpses of the shoreline and be able to spot the Moreton and Stradbroke islands in the distance. Arriving overhead the winery is an impressive view, rows and rows of grapes and gorgeous subtropical Austrian nature.

Sirromet Winery

The pilot will slowly land on the grass landing area and allow you to disembark. This is a pretty special feeling, as you get off the chopper people will look at you like you are a celebrity and you will certainly feel that way after making such a grand entrance! Once there you can stay for 90 minutes to enjoy dining on the Tuscan Terrace or Restaurant Lurleen. Sip on some sensational Sirromet Wine and after your gourmet food enjoy a walk around the vineyard.

Once it is time to jump back on the chopper you will fly back to Archerfield Airport. On the return journey the pilot will take a slights different route so you will get some different scenery on the way back to the airport. All n all this is one of the best flights we offer. People are constantly telling us how great it is and even have gone on it several times.

– Lunch Not Included –


Max passenger weight: 120kgs
Bookings are for individual passengers
Media package with video/pictures available
Flight commencement subject to clear weather conditions


7 business days or more
100% refund
7 business days or less
no refunds


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