Rockingham Beach Skydiving Experience

Duration: 60 Seconds

Skydive onto Rockingham Beach in Perth



per person
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Free Return Transfers From Perth CBD – Request pickup in additional information in Booking Form.

The Rockingham Beach Skydive is a fantastic-value jump based just south of Perth City. As the cheapest skydives available in Perth, you’ll still have access to a sensational dive which will land you on a great beach, with FREE transfers from the city.

Meeting on Kent Street in Rockingham, you’ll get dressed into skydive attire and run through the appropriate procedures for the upcoming dive. You’ll then be commuted to the airport where you’ll board a fixed-wing aircraft for a climb up to your jumping altitude. When you level off, it’s time to jump! As you exit the aircraft and enter a wild free-fall, you’ll have views over Rockingham, Port Kennedy and Garden Island. All of the Rockingham Skydive Experiences will land you safely on Rockingham Beach at Naval Memorial Park.

Save up to $50 per person on groups of 8 and over!
Contact Us for Discounts on Groups of 4+!

8,000 Ft Beginner Tandem Skydive – $269 Per Person (Seasonal Availability)

The 8,000ft Skydive is a quick dive which is geared towards beginner skydivers who might be a little terrified of jumping out of a plane. Its the cheapest skydive available in Perth and lands you on the totally awesome Rockingham Beach after a 30-second free fall and 3-4 minute parachute glide.

If you really can’t afford the $299 for the 15,000 Extreme dive, then this little 8,000ft jump is still an absolute hoot and a holler! Don’t underestimate it though; this is by no means a little jump. 8,000 feet is still enough to give shivers to even the greatest of adrenaline-heads.

15,000 Ft Extreme Tandem Skydive – $359 Per Person

For only $30 extra per person, you’ll experience a much longer and more expansive scenic flight on your climb up to 15,000ft. The free-fall is more than twice as long, and you’ll reach speeds between 250km/h – 290km/h before engaging the parachute and enjoying a 6-8 minute glide. When you land safely at Naval Memorial Park, you’ll be taken back to base to get changed out of your skydiving clothes.

The 15,000ft tandem skydive is a fantastic option and is by far the best value of any of the Skydives in Perth. If you like your skydives high and your free-falls fast, this is the ideal skydiving experience for you!

Skydiving vouchers are a fantastic gift idea for any adrenaline-junkie! Check out the AirShare Gift Vouchers Page if you want to give someone the gift of an awesome skydive!


Max passenger weight: 120kgs
Bookings are for individual passengers
Media package with video/pictures available
Flight commencement subject to clear weather conditions


7 business days or more
100% refund
7 business days or less
no refunds


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