Lee Point Beach Skydiving Experience

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Darwin Lee Point Beach Skydive Experiences



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Based on the coastline of the Beagle Gulf, Darwin is the quiet capital of the Top End. Boasting tropical weather and a relaxed nature, it is the delight to 300,000-odd tourists each year. This skydiving experience will take you from the Darwin International Airport in the City up for a scenic flight where you’ll get great views of the Beagle Gulf and Buffalo Creek. At the end of a wild free-fall, your tandem diving instructor will engage the parachute for a 5-7 minute glide into Lee Point Beach for a safe landing.

AirShare has summarised the best skydiving deals in Cairns so you can see which jump is best for you!

8,000 Ft Beginner Tandem Skydive – $380

Best Suited For: Divers on a Budget, First-Time Divers, Terrified Divers.

The 8,000ft Beginner Skydive is the entry level jump in the Darwin range of Skydives. It takes you for a 10 minute scenic flight around Darwin City before reaching 8,000ft. At this altitude, you’ll brace yourself to jump out of the plane and endure a 20 second free fall! You’ll have excellent views over the city and toward Buffalo Creek on the parachute cruise down to Lee Point Beach.

Being the lowest altitude of the Darwin Dives, the 8,000ft Skydive is a great start for anyone who finds the thought of free-falling out of a plane a touch unnerving. If funds are really tight and you want to try a skydive, this will be the ideal dive for you. You still get all the benefits of an awesome skydive without breaking the bank!

10,000 Ft Intermediate Tandem Skydive – $420 Per Person

Best Suited For: First-time Divers, Experienced Divers.

The 10,000 ft skydive onto Lee Point Beach is the perfect middle ground. Flying above the clouds on a 15 minute scenic, you’ll have great views of the Beagle Gulf and Darwin Coastline on the way up and then back down. You’ll experience a 35 second feel-fall before engaging the parachute for a 5-7 minute parachute glide for a safe landing on the beach. Soaking in the views of the awesome city, you’ll feel at ease after the intensity of the free fall.

The 10,000 ft dive is great for most people. If you’re looking for a dive a little more serious than 8,000 feet but not overly excited to spend $450, the 10,000 ft dive is a crazy dive which gives you a good amount of free-fall time and a lengthy scenic flight on the way up.

12,000 Ft Extreme Tandem Skydive – $450 Per Person

Best Suited For: Adrenaline-seekers, Opportunistic Divers.

The 12,000 ft Darwin Dive is the cream of the crop. It’s the highest dive onto Lee Point Beach, and therefore is perfect for anyone who likes to push things to the max. It gets you a lengthy 45 second free fall and 20 minute scenic flight on the way up. As you free-fall down at speeds up to 240km/h and glide into Lee Point Beach, you’ll get all of the fantastic views of the smaller dives with a longer-lasting dive.

The 12,000 ft dive is excellent for the wild people among us. With a 45 second free fall and a lengthy 20 minute scenic flight, it combines the best of both worlds. Experience Darwin from the best vantage point you can get as you pierce the clouds on an epic free-fall down to the Darwin Coastline.


Max passenger weight: 120kgs
Bookings are for individual passengers
Media package with video/pictures available
Flight commencement subject to clear weather conditions


7 business days or more
100% refund
7 business days or less
no refunds


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