Deakin Stadium Skydive Experience

Duration: 1 Hour

Canberra's only skydiving onto the Deakin Stadium Oval



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The nation’s capital is home to a vast collection of iconic landmarks and activities. You could go there and spend over a month just looking at all the exhibitions and memorials. For a city just over 800 square km’s, its richly dense with history and significance. The Canberra skydive is particularly stimulating, as by nature it involves a climb up to several thousand feet in an aircraft. On the scenic flight up to the specified altitude, you’ll get views of the Old and New Parliament House, The War Memorial, Anzac Parade and the High Court of Australia – just to name a few! And the fun doesn’t stop there! When you reach the climb height, you’ll exit out the door for a free-fall which will take you up to 250km/h.

We’ve selected the best skydiving deals in Canberra so that you can enjoy the most intense experience money can buy – all at the cheapest prices. We’ve summarised the 3 skydiving experiences landing on Deakin Oval to help you pick a dive which is right for you. See you then!

10,000 Ft Beginner Tandem Skydive – $358 Per Person

Best Suited For: Divers on a budget, First-time divers, Terrified Divers.

The 10,000 ft dive is the lesser of the 3 evils (if you want to put it that way). As the little sibling of it’s 2 big brothers (the 14,000 and 15,000 ft dives) – it is a simple skydive with the shortest climb and free-fall. However, 10,000ft elevation is certainly not to be sneezed at! Experience a 10-minute scenic flight over Canberra City on the climb up to 10,000 feet. As you reach your jumping point, you’ll flatline and prepare for the free-fall! On the way down, you’ll reach speeds of 200km/h on the 35-second free-fall, followed by a 5-7 minute parachute glide into Deakin Oval.

Being the cheapest skydive in Canberra, the 10,000 ft skydive is perfect for divers who prefer to save a bit of money. It’s no walk in the park and a 10,000ft dive is pretty serious on all fronts. You’ll still get a great 10-minute scenic flight and a good amount of free-fall time.

14,000 Ft Intermediate Tandem Skydive – $388 Per Person

Perfect For: Value-for-money, First-time Divers, Experienced Divers.

The 14,000ft Intermediate Dive is the best value for money, in our opinion. For an extra $30 per person over the 10,000ft skydive, you’ll get an 18-minute scenic flight and 60-second free-fall. That’s almost double the flight time and free-fall! On the free-fall, you’ll reach speeds up to 240km/h and have fantastic extended views over the nation’s capital. As you penetrate the clouds on the 14,000ft, you’ll have a great vantage point over a range of landmarks and enough time to soak it in before engaging the parachute.

The 14,000ft dive into Deakin Stadium is the perfect dive for value-seekers and divers who want that extra bit of oompf without having to pay for the absolute ‘best of the best’.

15,000 Ft Extreme Tandem Skydive – $448 Per Person

Best Suited For: Experienced Divers, Fearless Divers, Opportunistic Divers, Divers that want the best experience.

There’s no mucking around on the 15,000 ft skydive. It’s the highest jump, which means the longest free-fall and most expansive scenic flight. Reach speeds of up to 250km/h on an epic 70-second free-fall. Much like the other smaller altitude dives, the parachute glide into Deakin Stadium will take you over some Aussie landmarks and is a very relaxing contrast to the insanity of the massive free-fall you’ll encounter.

The 15,000 ft dive is perfect for those who like to take things to the extreme and want the best dive possible. It costs a little bit extra, but the jump is insane, and definitely the most exhilarating skydiving experience in Canberra!


Max passenger weight: 120kgs
Bookings are for individual passengers
Media package with video/pictures available
Flight commencement subject to clear weather conditions


7 business days or more
100% refund
7 business days or less
no refunds


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