Ayers Rock Skydiving Experience

Duration: 50 Seconds

Uluru - Ayers Rock 10,000 Ft & 12,000 Ft Skydiving Experiences



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When you think outback Australia, you think Uluru and Ayers Rock. It’s a national icon which has become the face of our great nation alll around the world. Rich with history and monolithic beauty, Ayers Rock attracts more than 150,000 visitors each year. Which is not half bad for being more or less in the ‘middle of nowhere’! With all the tourism around , it’s not wonder there are good litter of activities to do around the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. If you love high intensity experiences and are around the area, then make sure to go for a skydive! Combine the wonder of an incredible scenic flight around one of the most prestigious destinations in Australia. And then hold tight! It’s time to jump!

A skydive over Uluru is a very memorable experience which is hard to come by. If you’re travelling around the Northern Territory and have some free time, it’s definitely an opportunity which should be grabbed! It combines a fun and exhilarating experience with insane open-air views of the ‘Nation’s Heart’. See which skydive is most sorted to you! See you there!

10,000 Ft Intermediate Tandem Skydive

– Minimum 2 Divers Per Booking on the 10,000ft Skydive.
Experience all the good bits of a tandem skydive. It’s very rare to have an experience this iconic and the climb up to 10,000 ft in light aircraft is priceless in itself. When you get suited up at the Ayers Rock Tours & Information Centre, you’ll be run through the proper procedures of the flight, and then taken to the plane. The climb up to 10,000 ft takes about 15 minutes where you’ll experience close up views flying over Ayers Rock! On the dive down, you’ll have about 35 seconds of free-fall at speeds of up to 220km/h, followed by a 5 minute glide which will safely land you nearby to the rock.

The 10,000 ft dive is perfect for divers who prefer to save a bit of money, or far too daunted by the idea of a 12,000 ft skydive. But trust us – 10,000 ft is no walk in the park. It’s still enough to scare the pants off most people!

12,000 Ft Extreme Tandem Skydive

The extreme 12,000 ft tandem skydive is the Crème de la crème of skydives in Australia. With a more extensive climb than the 10,000 ft experience, you’ll see a greater range of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. And on the way down, you’ll get a 60 second free-fall followed by a 7 minute cruise back down to ground. The parachute glide is great as you’ll feel relaxed cruising through the internationally famous National park with the best breeze you can can get. When you reach the end of your cruise and you’ve safely landed, you’ll be transported back to the Information Centre to get out of your diving attire and have the option to purchase videos and media packages of the skydive!

The 12,000 ft dive is perfect for those who like to take things to the extreme and want a better dive! For only $26 extra per person, we recommend this one. Its really, really good!


Max passenger weight: 120kgs
Bookings are for individual passengers
Media package with video/pictures available
Flight commencement subject to clear weather conditions


7 business days or more
100% refund
7 business days or less
no refunds


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