Terms & Conditions


  1. “AirShare” or “the company” means AirShare Holdings Pty Ltd (ABN 33 630 293 319)
  2. “Client(s)” or “customer(s)” or “passenger(s)” means the person or persons making a booking for a service AirShare offers.
  3. “Goods”, “Services”, “flight”, “joy flight” refers to the flights and offerings AirShare has made available through AirShare’s partner network.
  4. “Price” is the agreed upon and advertised price for services offered by AirShare, through AirShare’s partner network.


  1. The client is taken to exclusively accepted and is immediately bound, jointly and severally, by these terms and conditions if the client places an order for or accepts delivery of the goods.

Bookings, Changes to Booking, Cancelations, Refunds and no-shows

  1. The client shall notify AirShare of their intention to cancel or change a booking no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the acceptance of the goods.
  2. AirShare will take booking requests no later than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the acceptance of goods.
  3. AirShare will consider all changes on a case by case basis and endeavour to be as equitable as possible.
  4. Booking changes and cancelations outside of the fourteen (14) day window will be met with voucher or refund.
  5. Booking changes and cancelations inside of the fourteen (14) day window will not be refunded but may be met with a voucher.
  6. No-Shows will not be refunded or rescheduled.
  7. If a flight must be cancelled which is outside of the control of any of the parties involved refunds or reschedules will be made.
  8. If a flight must be delayed within a reasonable time period the clients are expected to still use the service, but arrangements will be made if need be.

Terms of Use

  1. Passengers must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at any time before or during a flight.
  2. Passengers must not try to damage or influence any part of the aircraft in any way.
  3. Passengers must not attempt to influence the flight controls of the aircraft in any way unless on a training flight and prompted to do so.
  4. Whilst onboard an aircraft, passengers must use seatbelts when the aircraft’s engine is engaged unless prompted to do so by the pilot in command.
  5. Passengers are required to follow any, and all instructions given by the pilot in command.
  6. All passengers are subject to weight restrictions which are published in the flight description. This is a safety requirement, clients may be weighed before that flight and may not be allowed to board the flight if incorrect weights are given.
  7. All flights are subject to weather conditions, a safety requirement which is out of our control. In the event of cancelations due to weather reschedule or refunds will be made in accordance with section 3.


  1. AirShare will never share any of our client’s personal information with anyone other than the relevant people involved in providing our services.

Personal items and legal liability.

  1. AirShare accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items that may result from using AirShare’s services.
  2. AirShare takes No liability for any act, omission or default, whether negligent or otherwise of any experience provider or third party.
  3. If AirShare cannot be excluded from liability, the liability will be limited to the value of goods purchased through AirShare.

Partner arrangements

  1. The terms of the relevant partner company also apply to the use of AirShare’s services.

Pricing, payment, availability and shared flights

  1. Prices are advertised and are final.
  2. Payments are processed by third party or made by direct deposit.
  3. Time slots are subject to availability, not all time slots (even if advertised) will always be available.
  4. Shared flights do not leave unless all seats are taken.

Monies Not Held In Trust

  1. All monies paid by you to us will be the property of AirShare Holdings Pty. Ltd. and will be a debt due and payable to the experience provider once the services to which the money relates have been provided.
  2. You agree and acknowledge that these funds will not be held by us in trust.
  3. You agree and acknowledge that AirShare may hold these funds in any account as we see fit, including with other customers funds and other AirShare accounts.
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