Gauranga Magriplis; AirShare Co-Founder and self confessed aviation nerd. Gauranga first realised his love of aviation when taking a gap year after after high school and travelling a lot! It was on a flight from Brisbane to Queenstown, New Zealand that the light-bulb moment struck. Fast forward six months and Gauranga had started a Bachelor of Aviation at Griffith University in Brisbane.

After graduating in December 2015 with a Bachelor of Aviation and bit of a spicy tab owing to the Australian Federal Government it was time to make that bill sting even more! In Feburary of 2016 Gauranga began flight training at Australian Wings Academy on the Gold Coast. There is nothing quite like learning to operate and fly an aircraft in and out of an international airport. To this day Gauranga is among the fastest people to achieve first solo flight in a tiny 8.5 hours (normally 12-15). In mid 2017 he found himself at the end of his flight training now holding a Commercial Pilots Licence and a Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating both of which begging the question of what the hell to do next?

After a hunt to get a job as a pilot in the general aviation industry that was severely dampened by a bit of a Shark Tank addiction and a serious desire to start something amazing. He turned down a job offer and instead decided to intrude unannounced on the residence of good friend and now co-founder Jack Buscombe! "He climbed onto my roof and came flying through my window as i was playing the piano" Jack loves to recount. To which Gauranga always replies "Well you didn't answer your front door so what else did you expect me to do?". And the rest as they say is history!

Jack is one half of the AirShare founding team. Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, Jack spent his schooling career at Immanuel Lutheran College, which is where he met fellow AirShare Co-founder, Gauranga Magriplis.

Jumping into tertiary education straight after graduating high school, Jack started his studies at Griffith University. At the end of his first year, he was invited to join the Golden Key Honour Society. For the second year, he decided to move to the University of Queensland to undertake a bachelors degree in Economics in addition to the Commerce Degree.

With a desire to become a data scientist, Jack undertook a major in Quantitative Methods (econometrics). While pushing the limits of his mathematical understanding, the monotonous content ultimately led him towards entrepreneurialism.

It was 2 weeks before graduation when he was presented with the idea to create a startup to rideshare charter flights. He took the bull by both hands and has continued to raise AirShare to where it is today.

While building the MVP, his attraction to web development took hold quickly. His love of building things permeated through to web applications and the field of SEO; all of which are a focus in expanding AirShare.

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