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Skydiving Experiences

For those of us who love adrenaline-pumping leisure activities, there are few more exhilarating experiences than skydiving. Jumping out of a plane up to 15,000 ft and free-falling for a full minute is insane, wild and liberating all the same. AirShare has a range of the best skydiving experiences across the country. With safety and fun as the primary focus and a reputation to back it up, you can be assured of only a fantastic experience!

Free-falling from a plane back to earth at speeds ranging from 200km/h to 290km/h is not something your average Joe Bloggs does every day. Of course there are exceptions and if this is in fact your day job, then props to you! But for most, it’s generally considered an activity for the daring and liberated. And well luckily for us, jumping out of a plane is not something reserved exclusively for James Bond, but in fact it can is not that far out of reach! There may even be someone skydiving right around the corner from you at this second.

For anyone who has been skydiving – they know just how awesome it is. It’s fiercely intense and has in fact been a game-changer for many. Without sounding overly dramatic (and results are obviously not guaranteed), however we’ve heard a number of stories from folk who have gone on to tackle daunting tasks in light of going on a skydive – something which was once terrifying! A skydive is worthwhile, whether you are considering confronting your fears and trying something you never thought you’d do. Or maybe this is your bread and butter; you enjoy taking things to the extreme. Good! It’s certainly one of the most exhilarating leisure activities things we can think of!

If you’re visiting Australia, a skydive is the perfect option for something to do during the day or on the weekend. As you could probably guess, anywhere with a good beach and coastline is a good spot for a skydive. And boy has Australia got some cracker beaches!

But we get it – we’re biased. Skydiving is most definitely not for everyone. Maybe chucking your nan out of a plane at 15,000 feet above sea level isn’t always a wise decision… although if you do have a nan that’d be down for it, we’d love to know about it! But in every other case, it’s a great gift idea, or way to celebrate a birthday. Or even a honeymoon! There’s nothing more romantic than falling back to earth at the speed of a V8 supercar!

Minimum Requirements and Rules

All AirShare skydives require the jumper to be at least 12 years of age! This is a requirement of all skydiving operators. So maybe it’s even a good gift for a 12th birthday! -*wink wink, nudge nudge*.

How To Prepare For a Skydive

The lead-up to a skydive can induce some serious nervousness and potential anxiety. You’ll notice some physiological changes including light-headedness and sweats. Particularly before boarding the plane when you are connected to your tandem, it is common for nervousness to begin. As you begin your climb up to a few thousand feet, you may experience heightened blood-pressure. Even the most seasoned of divers can get involuntary reactions such as stomach butterflies, goosebumps. We don’t want to scare you off an awesome experience, however if you’re prone to averse reactions in stressful situations, we recommend you double-check your health!

We recommend you wear some light comfortable clothing for the skydive. You will be wearing an additional ‘skydiving suit’, so you might get a bit warm if you’re dressed in some heavy winter clothing.
Lads and ladies – If you feel like wearing wearing high heels on your jump, we say no. Sorry not sorry.

Where To Skydive

AirShare is home to the widest range of skydives from a variety of locations across Australia. We have done all the heavy lifting to bring you the best skydiving experiences in every state and territory across the country. With consideration to safety and flight quality, you can be sure of only seeing the best skydives in your area. And with the cheapest prices you’ll find online, make sure to have a look at the experiences we have on board!

Sunshine Coast Skydiving Experiences

The Sunshine Coast is a fantastic spot for skydiving – particularly in the warmer months! Whether you’re looking to have a dive over Caloundra onto Moffat, Dicky or Kings Beach, you can’t go past the Sunshine Coast Skydive From 10,000 ft! It’s a very affordable skydiving experience with views from to Maroochydore to Bribie Island!

Gold Coast Skydiving Experiences

The Goldy is home to an internationally recognisable coastline with a number of world-class beaches. Kirra Beach is most certainly one of those. Based in Coolangatta, Kirra plays host to a plethora of international surfing competitions, including the Gold Coast Quicksilver Pro! With the iconic Snapper Rocks known as one of the best breaks for surfing in the southern hemisphere, it’s a magnet for surfers and offers a gorgeous spectacle all year around.

Our Gold Coast skydive will land you on the iconic Kirra Beach. The 12,000 foot tandem skydive will have you launched from the Coolangatta Airport up for a 15-20 minute joy flight before the action. When the time comes to jump, hold tight! Or don’t… You’ll free-fall 7,500 feet in 45 seconds before engaging the parachute for a cruisy 4,500 feet landing. During your landing, you will have the opportunity to control how you glide before your tandem instructor lands you back on Kirra Beach. Taking in all the views, this is a special one! It’s rare to skydive onto such an awesome beach, even for Australian standards! Oh, and did we mention pickup and your Australian Parachute Federation Levy is included in the price?

During the winter months (March – July), you can even snap up a Tuesday discount! Featuring all the benefits of a skydive during the weekend, the Tuesday skydive is a great way to have a crack if you’re on a budget! This is highly recommended if you can make it!

Airlie Beach Skydiving Experiences

On the theme of beach skydives, Airlie Beach is about as good as it gets. Which is no surprise, considering it’s nestled right within the Whitsundays. All of the Airlie Beach Skydives include free return pickup from around the Airlie Beach area and a 3 month membership to the Australian Parachute Federation.

For anyone looking to skydive on a budget, the 8,500 foot Airlie Beach Tandem Skydive is the cheapest. This is a great way for first-time divers to have a taste of what it’s like to skydive. Also – a certificate for bragging rights. Just the important stuff!

For someone looking for a more serious jump, double the stakes and go the 15,000 foot skydive over Airlie Beach. In a much longer free-fall, you’ll reach speeds between 200km/h and 290km/h where you’ll have aerial views over the incredible Whitsundays. This is a bread-and-butter jump for anyone looking to experience the full potential of a serious skydive. We recommend this to anyone looking to treat themselves to an exhilarating experience if they are unable to do one of the premium jumps. Which leads us to the main event.

Brisbane Skydiving Experiences

Many of the Brisbane Skydiving experiences are based on Bribie Island and Redcliffe. As there is a lack of appropriate space for landing around central Brisbane, you’ll usually have to commute about 45 minutes north from the city for a dive.
The highest skydive available around Brisbane is the 15,000 tandem jump from Redcliffe. Meeting at the office near Charlish Park, you’ll be commuted in a bus to the Redcliffe Airport. From here, you begin your ascend and enjoy a 20 minute joy flight over the coastline before you begin jumping!

Sydney Skydiving Experiences

As the tourist capital of Australia, skydives are high in demand. Which means they gotta be good – and they absolutely deliver! AirShare has selected the best and most affordable dive from around the Sydney City Region.

The Sydney 15,000 Ft Tandem Skydive is the closest dive from the city centre. If you’re located in the city, you will be shuttled to your takeoff destination in Picton for free! On arrival in Picton, you’ll enjoy a 20 minute scenic flight before jumping 14,000 feet with a 1 minute free-fall. With all the intensity and awesome views, the Sydney skydive experience is certainly an exciting one!

Cairns Skydiving Experiences

Based on the stunning coastline of the tropical North Queensland, Cairns has some pretty sweet skydiving experiences around, which really doesn’t really come as a shock. Well regarded as a hot-spot for experience tours and activities, Cairns offers a range of pretty awesome dives, and AirShare offers the best and cheapest skydives from around the Cairns City area!

For first-time and intermediate skydivers who are looking for the more affordable option, the 10,000 Ft Tandem Skydive is a ripper of a jump. With a focus on excitement, you’ll get all the benefits of the full slog jump, with the volume nudged down just a slight amount. You’ll still reach speeds of 200km/h on the 30 second free-fall, and the incredibly diverse views whilst you control the parachute over the coastline back to earth. If you’re slightly too nervous for a more intense jump or just looking to save some money, the 10,000 foot skydive should be most suited to you!

But! If you like things a bit more wild, we definitely recommend the 14,000 Ft Tandem Skydive! No stone is left un-turned on this flight as you rocket down for 1 whole minute in a free-fall. You’ll also snag a pretty awesome 20 minute scenic flight on the way up before the jump, which is just one of those added bonuses! If you like to take things to the maximum, this is definitely the skydive for you.

Melbourne Skydiving Experiences

Melbourne is commonly known as the cultural hub of Australia. There is a huge taste for experience-based lifestyle and outside of the unique pubs and exhibits around the Melbourne region, there are some awesome sights to be seen! The Melbourne Star Observation Wheel is pretty neat, but if you want a full-whack experience, you can’t go past a skydive. With free-falls up to 60 seconds and speeds of 220km/h, the tandem skydive experiences in Melbourne combine intense adrenaline levels with beautiful views of the city and it’s ocean backdrop.

The 10,000 ft Tandem Skydive out of Euroa is the perfect skydive for anyone looking to have a taste of skydiving without breaking the budget. You’ll be treated to an awesome scenic flight in a fixed-wing aircraft over the countryside of Euroa. For only $265, you’ll still get a lengthy free-fall and the awesome views of the Melbourne hinterland!

Alternatively, turn up the heat on the 14,000 ft Euroa Tandem Skydive. Featuring all the benefits from the 10,000 ft skydive, you’ll reach an extra 4,000 ft which means a much longer free-fall, higher speeds, a longer flight and an overall more intense experience! This is perfect for anyone who loves to push the boundaries and wants all the wildness of a fully-fledged skydive!

Adelaide Skydiving Experiences

Adelaide is one of those places with an abundance of cool things to do. There are so many locations to go skydiving, and in a range of locations – ranging from rural fields in Lower Light, to the beaches along the coastline of Adelaide City. We’ve been spoiled for choice when collating the best experiences for choice in Adelaide and we think we’ve done a pretty good job! If you are based in Adelaide City, there is the Semaphore Beach Skydive, which is only a 5 minute drive from the city centre. And then there’s the Middleton Beach Skydiving Experience on the south coast of Adelaide at Goolwa Airport. Whether you’re a beginner and maybe a smidge afraid of skydiving, or an absolute boss who eats adrenaline for breakfast – AirShare has got you covered!

It’s so rare to find a skydive which lands you on such an incredible beach within sight of a capital city. And so we highly, highly recommend having a dive at Semaphore Beach! With the option of taking a 12,000ft jumper or a 15,000ft jump, either way this will blow your mind. Which is a good thing! But it’s easy to call the former an intermediate skydive. And it’d just be plain rude to call the 15,000ft dive anything other than insanity. This skydive has some unreal views on the plane ride climbing up to the jump, which become even better on the way back down! Check out the sun, surf, city and sand on this premium skydive!

The Middleton Beach Skydive on the south coast of SA is a great alternative to the Semaphore Beach Dive for anyone who is based south of the city. It’s cheaper and has a huge range of jump heights, from the taster jump at 6,000ft to a whopping 15,000ft. Also, when you arrive at Goolwa Airport to get suited up and get ready to fly, treat yourself to a complimentary BBQ and coffee. This is definitely one of the best skydives in Adelaide and we guarantee you’ll love it!

Canberra Skydiving Experiences

The Nation’s capital is chock-a-block full of amazing landmarks and exhibitions. Compressed into a high-density town centre, it’s difficult to get bored with all the offerings in town. From the monolithic Parliament House and it’s smaller ‘Old Parliament House’ counterpart, to the War Memorial and the High Court of Australia – the significance of Canberra’s architecture is not to be downplayed. Aerial views in a plane or helicopter over the famous Anzac Parade will exhibit Canberra from it’s best light, and this is a drawcard for it’s impressive skydive experience.

The Deakin Stadium Skydive in Canberra captures the essence of the capital’s highlights and collides it with an adrenaline-pumping skydive from up to 15,000ft! Some would argue that the flight on the way scenic flight climb is almost as good as the dive itself, due to the opportunity to have aerial views over the incredible city. Featuring dives at 10,000, 12,000 and 15,000 feet, the Deakin Stadium Dive is the most exciting experience in the ACT! And from a place as stimulating as Canberra, that is saying a lot.

Uluru Skydiving Experiences

Uluru is host to arguably the most identifiable Australian landmark in the world. Ayers Rock is a monolith that sits more or less in the very center of Australia, countless miles from any densely populated cities or coastline. Yet it attracts more than 150,000 visitors each year, which speaks volumes to its beauty and history. Located about 5 and a half hours drive from Alice Springs, Uluru has a range of aerial activities which provide for some superb views of the ‘Heart of Australia’ and surrounding Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

The Ayers Rock Skydive is an iconic experience which will provide lasting memories. Encompassing dives from 10,000 and 12,000 feet, it combines the sheer beauty and culture with an adrenaline hit of an insane free fall up to 60 seconds. Between the awesome scenic flight climbing up to 12,000 feet, the free fall and the parachute glide down to ground, the Uluru Skydiving Experience is a special combination of inspiration, appreciation and excitement.

Perth Skydiving Experiences

Perth is a sublime city of almost 2 million which sits on the stunning south-western coast of Australia. It has an abundance of particularly special scenic flights and activities to do around the city. If you’re inclined towards high-intensity leisure activities, Perth has a fantastic array of skydives and scenic flights. We think that a skydive is always a great idea as it combines the awesomeness of a scenic flight climb in an aircraft with the open air views of a free-fall. Not to mention how much fun it is. Luckily, Perth has some super cheap skydives around the city. AirShare has the cheapest skydiving deals in Perth, so make sure you get yourself a crazy experience at a dirt-cheap price!

The Perth Skydiving Experience onto Rockingham Beach is a particularly awesome adrenaline-pumping experience at a surprisingly cheap price! You’ll snag yourself a fantastic 8,000ft skydive with a 30 second free fall. For a more intense experience, you can more than double your free-fall and flight time on the 15,000ft Skydive. Both of the skydives will land you on Rockingham Beach, just off Naval Memorial Park. Based under 40 minutes south from the Perth City Centre, this skydive is well worth the trip as you’ll save yourself hundreds of dollars and experience incredible views onto Garden Island and the south Perth coastline. And if you need more to sweeten the deal, you’ll get FREE TRANSFERS from Perth City Centre on the day of your dive. The Perth Rockingham Beach Skydive is a value-packed dive which should be experienced by Perth locals and visitors alike!

Darwin Skydiving Experiences

Located on the Northern Coastline of the Top End, Darwin is a tropical little city with a relaxed vibe and a focus on tours and great experiences. With a uniquely Australian terrain and culture, Darwin showcases some of the most brutal and interesting flora and fauna you can find anywhere. A skydive experience around the Darwin area is an intense activity in a relaxed town. It is perfect if you have a day spare and are looking to go a little wild. AirShare has sourced the best skydiving experiences in Darwin and provides them at the cheapest price available online.

The Lee Point Beach Skydiving Experience in Darwin features an 8,000, 10,000 and 12,000ft skydive. Departing from the inner-city Darwin Airport, you’ll experience views of the Beagle Gulf and Buffalo Creek on the flight climb up to 12,000ft. Free fall up to 45 seconds over the Darwin coastline and cruise from 5-7 minutes with a parachute. You’ll safely land on Lee Point Beach, which is just north of the city. This is the perfect tour for anyone in Darwin looking for an exhilarating experience!

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