Ron Williams just might be 2020s oldest person to skydive!

It all started when we received a phone call from a chap named Michael looking to put himself and his 92 year old father-in-law, Ron, on our Redcliffe 15,000ft Skydive. Ron had been wishing to go skydiving for several years and he decided it was finally time to bite the bullet. He was the driving force behind the decision to dive from 15,000ft and Michael had no say in the matter. While the world record for the oldest person to skydive is held by Adelaide Grandmother Irene who did it at 103 years of age we think Ron is the eldest to dive in 2020! Which in itself is an amazing achievement.

92 Year Old Fearless Skydiver Tackles Bucket List!
Photo of Ron before signing in for his skydive!

They were scheduled to jump last Wednesday afternoon. At around 1:30PM AEST, Ron the absolute champion was at 15,000ft above the Australian East Coast getting ready for his trip back to Earth and the ride of his life! As Ron and his tandem instructor Steve prepared for their dive, Ron recalls feelings of intense excitement!

The Skydive!

They started by climbing out of the aircraft as the pilot holds for them to exit. Steve counts down 3....2....1....GO!! Ron feels the wind rushing past his face as Earth's gravity pulls him back down to the ground at 9.8m/s². In a little over 10 seconds of free fall he reached terminal velocity (you can't go any faster due to air resistance) of nearly 200km/h, at that point he still has about 50 seconds before the parachute opens!

After the parachute opened Ron enjoyed a smooth sail back down to Earth with some of the best views along the east coast! Thanks to Daughter Shiannon for taking these epic photos oh him coming to land on the beach!

92 Year Old Fearless Skydiver Tackles Bucket List!
Ron back on the ground!

Shiannon recalls, 'My father and husband had the best skydiving experience ever.' Thanks Ron and family for booking with AirShare! We're so thrilled we could be part of this special experience! We hope to see you again soon!

If you think you're as fearless as Ron, check out the Brisbane Skydive & Our Skydives Australia Wide!

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