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Hobart is a quiet little town built upon Constitution Dock along the Derwent River. It is host to various cultural hubs and boasts some of the most beautiful and miraculous islands along the Port Arthur coastline. AirShare offers a range of flight experiences with diverse focal interests. Browse the cheapest scenic flights in Hobart and check out the southern tip of Australia from the sky!

Hobart is one of the more relaxed capital cities in Australia and it’s culture and harbour environment are unparalleled. Along the Derwent River which insterects a significant portion of the city, there are fantastic sights and experiences to be had. Futher down to the Port Arthur coast and around the Three Capes, there are vicious seas and brilliant views toward the Tasman Island.

City Flights

The Hobart City Highlight Scenic Flight is a cheap trip on fixed-wing aircraft which takes you through the guts of the city along the Derwent River. Passing landmarks such as Mt Wellington, the Museum and Kingston/Clifton Beach, this is a great trip for anyone after excellent value.

If you’re more interested in a helicopter trip, the Hobart City Highlights Helicopter Flight is a 20 minute scenic trip through the city. Heading south toward Bruny, you’ll experience views out toward Mt Wellington, Clifton Beach and Richmond. A particularly cool little trip if the enclaves of South Hobart interest you!

The Wild Side

If you’re after something a little different, the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) is an exciting museum on the northern side of Hobart. Showcasing an eclectic collection of art in a variety of forms, a day spent at MONA is a good day. The MONA Helicopter Experience transports you up the Derwent River in a helicopter from the Cambridge Aerodrome. You’ll touch down at the museum and will be provided entry for the day and return tickets on the ferry back to Hobart. For flyers after a more cultural experience, this is the ideal flight for you!

One of the more premium scenic flights available in Hobart is the Tasman Island And Three Capes Helicopter Flight. On the extended adventure, the chopper takes you south along the Derwent River toward Port Arthur. As you reach North Bruny, the chopper will swing into the wild seas toward Cape Hauy, Pillar and Raoul. As the highlight of the trip, the Tasman Island stands spectacularly amongst the chaos that surrounds. If you are after a real adventure, this is the definitive go-to scenic flight from Hobart!

Fancy a Spot of Food?

Hop into a helicopter on a 2 hour flight experience where you’ll stop in for a 2-course lunch with a glass of local wine. The Hobart Lunch and Vineyard Helicopter Tour takes passengers over to the Frogmore Creek Winery for a tour of the renowned vineyard and a delicious feed. The Frogmore Creek Winery is know for its spectacular wines and award-winning food. This is great for flyers looking for a lunch date withouth breaking the bank!

One of the premium flights departing from Hobart is the Bruny Island Lunch Discovery Helicopter Tour. Encompassing a picturesque helicopter flight down to the south end of Tasmania, you’ll be provided with a lunch at The Jetty Cafe, overlooking the Derwent River and North West Bay. Over 3 hours, you’ll be zipped from Hobart down toward Bruny Island at one of the most southern points of Australia. Encompassing everything in between, this expansive flight is a sensational way to see the vast bays and incredible sceneries of South Tasmania.

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