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What is an empty leg?

An empty leg flight occurs when an aircraft needs to travel to a destination for subsequent business on a particular date. Whilst travelling there, passengers can join the journey for a lower cost.

Why are empty leg flights so cheap?

An empty leg flight will occur regardless of whether there are passengers on the plane or not. The cost of the transfer to the subsequent job has been paid for by another party. This means there are very few additional expenses to facilitate passengers on an empty leg journey.

The limited flexibility of an empty leg means that charging retail prices often won't result in bookings. So to ensure the aircraft is full on the transfer, prices are dirt cheap! 👏

Can I book a single seat?

All empty leg bookings will be for the entire jet (passenger counts are listed on the individual flight). You can bring as many people as you'd like, provided it's within the stated limit of the flight.

From booking to flying so very easy. Staff very friendly and accommodating. Would fly with this company again. Looking at doing a sunset shoot next. Thank you so very much.

Nat B

Happy Customer

Travel In Style

Empty legs are a super alternative to commercial flying

No Hassles

Forget the airlines. Just arrive and fly

Save Money!

Empty legs can save you up to 95% on charter flights
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