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Darwin Tours

Looking for something to do in the NT? AirShare has a range of awesome scenic flights which will take you from the City, to the Wetlands and the Rainforest. And the best part: We have the cheapest prices you’ll find online. Darwin is an awesome part of the country and observing it from above may be one of the best things you do here!

Right at the top of the Northern Territory resides the tropical capital – Darwin, mate! With a population under 150,000, residents enjoy the relaxed nature of the city which sits alongside the wharf. When you peel back the layers of the city and head inland, you begin to fully appreciate the environment of the ‘Top End’. Featuring marshy wetlands and sometimes brutal terrains with (at times) intimidating wildlife, Darwin is one place that combines a range of extremes to create one hell of a fascinating ecosystem!

Helicopter Flights

For cost-conscious flyers, the Cyclone CBD Helicopter Flight is a fantastic 10 minute flight at an affordable price. Taking off from the Fisherman’s Wharf and directed around the Harbour, you’ll pass over the marina and fly over the CBD before returning to base. This flight is ideal for first-time flyers or visitors with limited time.

On the 20 minute Darwin CBD and Harbour Helicopter Flight, you’ll be launched from Fisherman’s Wharf for a more extensive tour of the city and it’s waterfront. Flying out over to Fannie Bay and East Point, you’ll experience views out toward Wagait Beach and Charles Darwin Park and the Airport which lies adjacent. This is great for flyers who are after a more substantial aerial tour of the Northern Territory capital!

The Wetlands Scenic Adventure Flight takes us further inland to the Djukbinj National Park and Harrison Dam. You’ll conduct a wild chopper adventure over the soppy marshes where spottings of saltwater crocodiles and Buffalo’s are a common occurrence. This is an awesome adventure flight that doesn’t cut corners!

Fancy a Drink?

For a memorable day out, be sure to jump on the Top End Helicopter Pub Crawl! Over the course of the day, you’ll travel like royalty to stopovers at 5 awesome bars in a helicopter! During the commutes to the various bars, you’ll experience flying over the city, wetlands, rivers and coastlines. Drinking and flying. Yes – it’s as good as it sounds.

On the massive Mary River Wetlands Scenic Helicopter Tour, you’ll experience the increasingly popular Mary River Wetlands for a stopover at the Wildman Wilderness Lodge. Enjoy 2 beverages (alcoholic if you’d like) on us before trailing back up the Adelaide River floodplains towards Darwin. For a flight time over 90 minutes and an included booze-stop, this is an awesome day out for a wetlands helitour with a twist!

Similarly to the Mary River Wetlands Helitour, the Litchfield Park Helicopter Adventure tends southward along the magnetic termite mounds for a stopover and 2 beers (on us!) at the legendary Litchfield Pub! During the 90 minutes of helicopter flight time, you’ll fly over waterfalls, rainforests, and vast green landscapes. Another ripper flight for a day checking out the offerings of inland Darwin.

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