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Here are our sensational scenic flights from the top end of Western Australia! Broome is a popular tourist destination is Australia, with people coming from around the country and the world to visit it. Looking for incredible beaches, sun and surf. This part of the world is also home to the Kimberly region, the amazing Horizontal Waterfalls and the age old rock formations of the Edgar Ranges!

The most spectacular way to see any of these as always, is with a scenic flight! Explore these age old natural wonders by the air in a helicopter, fixed wing aircraft or a seaplane!
Our scenic flights offer the perfect vantage point and operate all year round!

Broome is a bit of a hidden gem, with quite a lot to see and do! It is no wonder there is plenty on offer when it comes to scenic flights and helicopter rides. With scenic flights and helicopter rides over some of the most spectacular natural formations in Australia, one of our flights is sure to delight!

The Horizontal Waterfall

Perhaps one of the most interesting land formations on Earth, The Horizontal Waterfall has been dubbed the 8th wonder of the world by David Attenborough. This natural wonder is the result of the ocean flowing between a small choke point when the tides change. The fast moving water travelling between the two sides of the bottleneck creates an effect that looks like a horizontal waterfall.

This phenomena makes for incredible viewing form the sky. On offer are helicopter flights, light air plane flights and even seaplane flights of the area. All of which make for fantastic viewing!

The Buccaneer Archipelago

A spectacular view from the air, made up of close to 1000 islands and sand dunes. This amazing piece of the natural world is another popular place to fly over. The shallow warm waters between the islands create an amazing aqua blue filled with sea life and boats that can be seen from the air. A lot of our scenic flights and helicopter rides fly over here for this reason! If you are lucky enough to fly on one of these adventures be sure to some great photos as the views are truly amazing!

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