Things to do in Adelaide - A Complete Guide

Written By: Gauranga Magriplis

Adelaide is one of the more underrated cities in Australia. While this may be true it does not mean it is anything short of a good time! Often referred to as the City of Churches because it has the highest amount of churches, temples and mosques per capita in all of Australia! Adelaide is also famous for the Barossa Valley (which is quickly becoming the best wine region on Earth), Kangaroo Island and Opals! Because of the great wine that comes from The Barossa Valley in South Australia, you can expect a lot of really great food and sensational fine dining to pair with it and you won't be disappointed!

So if you are a local or a visitor this is our complete guide to great activities, places to stay & eat in Adelaide!

Places To Stay In Adelaide

Glenelg - Our Favourite Adelaide Suburb

Not a Hotel or a Bar. It is one of the Adelaide suburbs that sits right on the beach. Since Adelaide is a true beach city with the airport and CBD only a short drive from the beach there is a wealth of great places to stay and eat in right on the beach! The best of all being; Glenelg! Situated right on the coast and connected to the Adelaide Central Business District by a light rail getting around is a breeze! You are sure to have plenty to do in Glenelg with the beach always near and great food and shopping everywhere you look! Some great Glenelg accommodation: Stamford Grand Adelaide $130 Oaks Glenelg Liberty Suites $120.

Glenelg Beach - South Australia
Beaches of Glenelg.

The Soho Hotel

The reason The Soho takes out number two is because It is affordable, in the CBD, close to the parks and rose garden AND most importantly close to really good food! It is a 5-minute walk from Adelaide's best Italian restaurant The Messy Tomato and just across the street from Xpresso On Flinders a true local favourite! Once you are done with those spots make sure you check out The Rundle Street & Hutt Street precincts where you can find plenty of uniquely Adelaide things to do and see.

The Playford Hotel

As soon as you see the picture of this place you will know why it is on the list! This place is true gorgeous luxury and not too expensive! With a range of in-house dining options and great Adelaide CBD location The Playford itself is enough to keep you excited for a while. But in keeping with the theme of this section lets explore what else there is in the area! A 4-minute stroll away is the splendid Sean's Kitchen at the Adelaide Casino. One of the great restaurants in Adelaide by rock-star chef Sean Connelly.

Things to do in Adelaide - A Complete Guide
The Spectacular Dining Room Of The Playford Hotel.

The Minima Hotel

Situated in North-Adelaide, the Minima Hotel is one of the most funky and trendy hotels around! Each room is home to a unique piece of art making each room exciting and unique in its own way. Some walls home to huge murals while the rest of the room is a subtle nod to minimalism. This hotel's exciting and unique approach to room decor means that each room you sleep in will be very different from the last! A 5-minute walk from the trendy Minima Hotel is The Lord Melbourne Hotel great for an affordable night out or hearty meal!

The Adabco Hotel

The Adabco Hotel is situated in a gorgeous old building right in the Adelaide city! The Building that The Abadco Hotels occupies is heritage-listed Venetian Gothic architecture and one of the most magnificent buildings in Adelaide. Close to plenty of amenities like the botanic gardens, The Rundle Mall and Hurtle Square! On the next block over only 3 minutes by walk is another fantastic Italian restaurant The Bocelli Caffe Ristorante open daily with a great family feel.

Cafes and Restaurants In Adelaide


The aptly named African restaurant is a true Adelaide favourite and one of few in the area that offer true African cuisine! If you are looking for great African food or have never tried it before Africola is one of the best restaurants in Adelaide for it and we encourage you to give it a go!

Things to do in Adelaide - A Complete Guide
Africola - African Restaurant And Bar.


Orana is commonly sought as one of the best fine dining establishments in Australia! Having won Australian best restaurant for 2018 and 2019 you can be assured of an amazing meal and dining experience! The restaurant is the brainchild of Celebrity Chef Jock Zonfrillo. The Scottish-born food lover is most known for his appearances on Master Chef Australia and various other cooking TV shows. His menu focuses on Australian native and locally grown produce to create perfect seasonal dishes!

Things to do in Adelaide - A Complete Guide
Orana - Australian Nature Inspired Restaurant.

Jamin Indian Restaurant

This restaurant has earned its stripes as a true Adelaide staple. It was founded in 1980 and has continued to serve 'talk-of-the-town' meals for decades. There are few restaurants that can boast being in business for 40 years and even less that have been owned and operated by the same family for all that time! The Founder and family Matriarch Mrs Anant Kaur Sandhu (fondly known as "Mrs Singh") who is now in her early nineties still runs the menu and works in the kitchen one day a week! Over their 40-year tenure they have served celebrity chefs, movie stars and political hopefuls. The most exciting of which is Marco Pierre White when he called the establishment “the jewel in Adelaide’s crown” and the then opposition leader John Howard who signed their guest book "the next Prime Minister" something we all now know came true! Rather than constant change, at Jasmin Restaurant they are committed to constant and continued refinement and after 40 years of it, it really is a must-try!

Sensational Bars In Adelaide


As the name suggests, there is a bit of an underwater theme to this bar. Not only does it house great entertainment, food and drink but also a massive aquarium making it an awesome place to relax and unwind.

Things to do in Adelaide - A Complete Guide
Atlantis - One Of Adelaide's Coolest Hangouts.

Proof Bar

The Proof Bar has an awesome rustic underground feel and a charm not found in many places. Proof has an extensive range of drinks and brilliant bar food.

Things to do in Adelaide - A Complete Guide

El Cheeky Flamingo

With its cool and young feel, El Cheeky Flamingo always makes for a fantastic night out. They serve great cocktails and an epic range of eats!

Things to do in Adelaide - A Complete Guide
El Cheeky Flamingo Outdoor Seating.

Exciting Adelaide Adventures


Yes, you can do this anywhere in the world. So what makes it so special in Adelaide? Honestly, it is the fantastic coastline and gorgeous landscapes. Aside from being just about the most intense thing you can do in life, the views are always worth it!

Things to do in Adelaide - A Complete Guide
The Amazing Beaches You Can Expect To See In South Australia!

Adelaide Mega Adventure

The Adelaide Mega Adventure is a particular suitable activity for the kids (and the kids at heart)! More or less it is a giant climbing and adventure park. Complete with obstacle courses, swings and heaps of levels and platforms to climb on!

Things to do in Adelaide - A Complete Guide
This Adventure Park Is An Outdoor Sensation!

Gorgeous Scenic Flights

Scenic flights are an incredible way to relax and take in a birds-eye view of the area. Another popular choice for scenic flights is the gorgeous Barossa Valley made famous by the sensational landscapes, amazing rolling hills and beautiful wineries.

Barossa Valley Helicopter Flight
Helicopter Flight Through The Barossa Valley.

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