Sirromet Winery

Written By: Gauranga Magriplis

Sirromet is one of the biggest and most decorated wineries in Queensland, if not the most! With many attractions and tours, it makes a splendid outing. Situated between The Gold Coast and Brisbane it is the most accessible winery in the area. Offering a range of dining options and award-winning Sirromet Wines. It really does make for a perfect experience. Achieving fame throughout Australia and thence the world. Sirromet distributes their wines globally you could say it is a bit of an icon. Playing host to a range of events like Day on the Green Sirromet, there is always plenty going on.

The attractions don’t stop with just the menu and Sirromet Wines. At Sirromet there is a variety of dining options, shopping, and tours around the vineyard. To top it off there are many wine tastings, and even 4×4 tours. Making it perfect for a Sunday session! The most exciting pieces of machinery at the property is easily the helicopters that are always on display. You can even book one to get you to and from the winery!

Sirromet Lunch

Sirromet Wines

No matter your taste Sirromet has all the wine you could ever want. Red, white and everything in between. With many awards and globally acclaimed they are sure to delight. Their most widely sold must be the Private Collection LM Reserve Assemblage. The deep violet-colored drop is sold throughout Asia, North America and Australia. The vineyard itself covers 100 hectares of Queensland’s Granite belt. The vineyards themselves vary between 600 and 1500 meters above sea level.

What is the granite belt?

The granite belt is a region of South-East Queensland Australia, part of the great dividing range. It typically has a high elevation and a slightly cooler climate when compared to the subtropical region. The rich granite in the area means that the soil is constantly being replenished with nutrients and minerals. This along with the cooler climate makes it perfect for growing fruit like apples and grapes. Grapes that eventually become the fantastic Sirromet Wines!

Who Owns Sirroment Winery?

The Sirromet is owned by Terry Morris who started it in 2000. It is a family run business and one of Queensland’s best wineries. Situated close to Brisbane and the Gold Coast on the Granite Belt of Queensland. He started the business after telling a friend that he had tried a great wine from Queensland. They responded by saying “there is no such thing” and laughing at him. So he started the Sirromet Winery and the rest is history! To date, the winery has amassed 900 awards!

How did Sirromet get the name?

The name comes from the man that started it all! Terrance Edward Morris, or “T.E. Morris”. Which when spelled backward becomes “Sirromet”. So while most people think it is something posh and french. It is actually something backward and kind of funny! So how do you pronounce it? “Si-ro-may” see it does sounds french!

Sirromet Winery Helicopter Flight

How do I get to Sirromet?

Well there are actually a few options. Depending on where you are of course. It doesn’t matter where you are you can always drive to check out the great spot.

If you are located in Brisbane there are a few options other than driving! The most extravagant way of getting to the winery is to fly there in your own helicopter! A very special thing to do and something a lot of couples do to celebrate an anniversary! Learn more here!

There are also wine bus tours that are always a lot of fun. These take groups of people on a little road trip around Queensland’s wine country. A bit cheaper than the chopper but not as romantic!

Click here to navigate to Sirromet using Google Maps.

Can I bring a pet to Sirromet?

You cannot bring a pet unless it is a guide dog. This is to protect the native wildlife in the area.

Can I bring food or drinks to Sirromet?

The short answer is no. As it is not BYO and they prefer that you dine at one of the restaurants at Sirromet Winery. You are not allowed to take outside food into the venue. They do however cater to all dietary requirements and allergies.

A Day On The Green!

One of the most exciting events of the year. Starting in Melbourne it was brought to South-East Queensland. A Day on the green is all about food, fine wine, and mighty fine music! It has come a long way from the first festival in 2001. Now attracting around 20,000 people a year and hosted at the Sirromet Winery itself. It is one of the premier entertainment events of the year!

Is there Accommodation at Sirromet Winery?

Yes! If you are looking at spending more than just the day at the winery there is a fabulous range of accommodation to choose form. Known as The Sanctuary By Sirromet. They provide a very romantic and secluded experience. Ranging from a couples escape and family getaways to their honeymoon pavilion! Learn more here!

Accomodation at Sirromet Winery

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