Ridesharing: New Kid on the Block

Written By: Gauranga Magriplis

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Ridesharing, it’s the thing we are making possible in the world of charter aircraft. With rideshare comes cost sharing and an entire load of benefits. Like I am always harping on about it means lower prices for customers and a better bottom line for charter companies. Ridesharing is something seldom done in charter aviation. And as far as I have been able to isolate there is no business that actually has it as their focus…. So here we are!

In the long run rideshare will drive down prices for consumers. When we eventually get to the point where we can share a charter flight from a major city to a regional area it will be a great win. Keep in mind we are not trying to reinvent the wheel. Just trying to make a great improvement on something people already do very frequently. By making charter cheaper, better and more accessible we can attract more users to the service and in turn it will snowball. If I can paraphrase the famous entrepreneur Dick Smith “Charter Aviation in Australia should be booming, but it’s not.” I believe we can all rideshare our way to success!

Jack's Helicopter Flight
Rideshare helicopter flight

There is a waste of space going on!

Every day in Australia charter companies make round trips from a population centre to a regional town. Often there are no more than one or two people on the on the aircraft that would seat up to six. Instead if we filled it completely on both legs of the journey. It would mean that the passengers would all pay less and the charter operator would make more money for the same flight. WIN WIN! Right now we are doing this for scenic flights and our partners are finding it incredibly useful.

Taking this idea one step further. The trickle down economics means better and cheaper access for people and freight in and out of regional towns. The fact of the matter is that there are now over 800 airports in Australia. However only the biggest 52 are serviced by the major carries and their regional subsidiaries. In my opinion we have a serious opportunity to drastically improve this! After all ridesharing is set to drastically increase in 2019.

– Gauranga

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