8 Occasions for a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Written By: Jack Buscombe

Hot Air Ballooning is one of the most common flight experiences of all. It's the perfect activity for so many occasions, whether it be celebrations of a special day, or as a gift. It's less polarising than skydiving, yet more open and liberating than scenic flights. That's why we took the time to list out some fitting occasions to do a hot air balloon flight. If you feel something is missing from our list, let us know and we'll add it!

Hot Air Balloon Rides for Romantic Occasions

The most common occasions for hot air balloon experiences are romantic. Its a special moment which is easily enjoyed between two people and the views from above are unbeatable. Unlike scenic flights, ballooning gives the couple the opportunity to embrace each other throughout the entire experience.

This means it's suitable for:

  • Marriage Proposals,
  • Anniversaries, and
  • Valentines Day

Marriage Proposals

Marriage Proposal on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

One of the most poignant moments in life is proposing to your significant other. It carries incredible weight and changes lives forever. For this reason, people search far and wide for the perfect moment. 'How will I do it?', 'What do I say?', 'What if they say no?' etc.

Marriage proposals in a hot air balloon are perfect for a number of reasons.

  • Unbeatable views
  • Time to wait for the sunrise - AKA, money shot
  • The 'getting down on one knee' is an easy option
  • Think of the photos!
  • Champagne after, anyone?


If you're looking for a gift to give your loved one and a box of chocolates and flowers just doesn't cut it - this should be your go-to. A hot air balloon ride is a gift they will always remember, and there's no doubting the romantic intentions.

This could also extended out to your wedding day! Hot air balloons are a symbol of love and floating up as a freshly married couple is an awesome way to kick off married life. And if the wedding day is busy, why not add it to the honeymoon?

Valentines Day

Meaningful Valentines Day gifts can also be hard to come by. Much like most gifts, the memories from experiences will last longer than material gifts (particularly Valentines Day gifts). The 14th of February often falls on a work day and the restaurants are mostly likely packed at night. So hot air balloons can be a great way to satisfy the Valentines Day *cough obligations *cough before business hours!

Valentines Day from a Hot Air Balloon

Not only is it a totally exciting and romantic experience for the both of you, but it's early in the morning. This means you can fly in the morning, enjoy breakfast together and then go to work afterwards. No need to contest for available tables at venues when you can enjoy the night from the comfort of your own home!

Take them on a birthday flight!

Another great reason for hot air ballooning is a birthday! Do away with the wrapping paper and give them a birthday present they'll genuinely enjoy. Have you ever heard someone say they don't want to go on a hot air balloon? Nope, me neither.

Hot Air Balloon for a Birthday Gift

It's also an experience best shared with others. So if you want to go, there's an easy excuse to fly with them! Or if you're feeling generous, you can buy a flight for them and a friend. Extra browny points for that one!

Mother's and Father's Day

Hot air balloon flights are a great gift to give to your parents. You can give them the give and share the experience with them on the day! Ballooning flights are diverse and suitable for both mother's and father's day presents.

Christmas Present

The undisputed busiest time for buying presents and gift giving is Christmas time. Making things easy and avoiding crowds has some serious value, so here's the top two best reasons to gift a hot air balloon experience for Christmas:

  • You don't have to subject yourself to the shopping centre frenzy (or the Christmas carols) - you can purchase them online!
  • You can buy a hot air balloon voucher and they choose when to book.

Bucket List Experience

Hot Air Ballon Ride for the Bucket List

We receive many calls from people looking to give their elderly parents experiences they haven't had. They may have talked about it throughout their lifetime but never pulled through. A hot air balloon flight is something that people often put aside for 'later'. And when 'later' extends to years or decades, it usually takes for someone else to gift it to them to make it a reality.

A hot air balloon experience is ideal for elderly and mobility impaired people as it requires no physical exertion. Unlike activities such as skydiving, once you hop into the basket, sit back, relax and enjoy the view as you float into the sky.

Take your staff on the ride of their life!

8 Occasions for a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Team morale is important to maintain in work environments. Bonding experiences can be priceless in maintaining staff satisfaction, bringing people closer together and increasing productivity. It's a great way to show appreciation for high-performing periods, or events like Christmas parties.

Treating them to a hot air balloon experience might be one of the best gifts for this purpose. It's something that everyone can do, without much pull-back from people terrified of high-intensity experiences. And hey, with hot air balloon trips, there's no unpredictable arguments or alcohol-fuel mishaps.

Graduation Gift

Graduate on Hot Air Ballon Ride

If a loved one is approaching the end of their schooling or university career, you may be looking to give them a dividend for their accomplishments. Material items like watches or rings are common, but they're a little unimaginative. If the graduating loved one is adventurous, it's a good idea to think outside the box and give them a memorable experience.

This is where hot air balloon flights are awesome. They are a particularly audacious experience and they will cherish it for years to come. If you want to get corny, it could be symbolic of letting go and to fly high free into the 'real world'. That's just an idea though - you didn't hear it from me!

Visit the Canberra Hot Air Balloon Festival

Canberra Hot Air Balloon Festival

Every March on the lawns of Old Parliament House, a sea of ballooning enthusiasts congregate for the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival. They bring with them an array of novelty (and quite frankly kooky) balloons of all shapes and sizes. From dinosaurs to cartoon characters and even Yoda's Head, there is just about everything to see here.

You too, can be a part of this by jumping on one of the Canberra balloon rides. If you're in Canberra on the second week of March, make sure you participate. It's a festival like no other!

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