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Written By: Jack Buscombe

Thinking of hiring a private jet?

You might be a FIFO worker looking to fly to a regional area. You could be managing a festival and need to commute an artist with urgency to a different location. Or maybe you just want a business jet to travel in style. Charter flights are useful for a multitude of purposes, however private jet charter prices can break the budget for many of us.

Read this guide before getting quotes from flight companies in Australia. The article will provide advice as to which aircraft is right for you, private jet costs and what to expect when you arrive at the airport.

Light Jet in Flight

Private Jet Cost – What are the Components of a Quote?

Private jets cost from around $2,500 per flight hour, however the cheapest jet to hire depends entirely on your needs. The private jet price usually considers 6 main factors:

1. Distance

Generally speaking, the further the distance you need to travel, the larger the aircraft you’ll need. This is obviously not precisely correlated, however light jets can only travel a fraction of the distance that a large jet or airliner can travel.

2. Passenger Count

Every aircraft has a maximum capacity in it’s safety guidelines. For example, you won’t be able to fit 20 people on a light jet. It’s not safe, nor legal.

3. Passenger Weight

In order to keep prices as low as possible, aircraft charter companies try to perform each flight as efficiently as possible. This means keeping transport weights (including baggage) streamlined. If boarding weights exceed the manufacturer capacity for a certain aircraft, flight businesses are required to use larger aircraft.

4. Return Flight, One-Way or Multi-City?

If you intend to come back to base, the pilot must wait for you at your stop-over. This incurs additional costs and same goes for extra landings at other airports during the journey.

5. Is there a Time Limit?

If there is urgency to the flight and you have a tight schedule, the charter business may look to utilise a faster jet.

6. Purpose

Do you need the VIP experience with all the bells and whistles? Or do you just need something to get you from A to B? Corporate jets are luxurious in nature, and hence more pricey. Piston twins and turboprops are more focused on utility, and are therefore cheaper to run.

Are Private Jets Faster Than Airlines?

Yes, private jets will arrive at your destination faster than going on an airline flight. Unlike commercial flying, charter flights don’t require the hefty security checks and wait times that airlines do. When you arrive at the General Aviation airport, you walk straight onto the plane and take off within minutes. And the same when you reach your destination. Not to mention, flight charter delays are infrequent and cancellations are even less often.

A busy commercial flight.

Charter aircraft also have access to 613 airports across Australia. QantasLink (Australia’s most airport-flexible airline) covers 53 destinations. So unless QantasLink covers your destination, ground transfers to and from the airport can add additional transit time.

There are logistical advantages to commercial airlines, however. It’s probably not surprising that the airlines use larger planes between major cities. So actual flight time is usually less, particularly for international flights.

How Do I Hire a Private Jet?

Firstly, anyone with the budget can hire a private jet. The charter business will usually need only 4 pieces of information to provide you with a quote:

  1. Which airport are you flying from/to?
  2. How many people are going on the flight?
  3. How much does each passenger weigh?
  4. Any Luggage? How much?

If you have any additional requirements, e.g. food catering, pickup/dropoff to and from the airport etc. Some of the chartered flights on large aircraft will have catering and experience perks like a flight attendant included in the price.

A pilot with his jet

Why is it so difficult to find a flight?

This is an issue AirShare is looking to address with it’s charter service in Australia. The charter flight market is fragmented and you can spend hours online doing a Google search through every aircraft management website, only to find a basic contact form. And after you fill it out, it takes hours or days to get an email back, if anything at all. Charter companies are inundated with unfulfilled requests for quotes, so sometimes the smaller businesses overlook a customer here and there.

AirShare has the largest network of private aircraft operators around Australia and is able to provide the cheapest price available. All you have to do is answer a few questions, and we’ll get back to you with the cheapest price available for your needs.

Pilot flying over the River

How AirShare Offers the Cheapest Air Charter Prices

1. National Partner Network

When you request a quote for any charter aircraft through AirShare, you have immediate access to the largest operator network in Australia. You save time sorting through every charter company in your area, and we provide you with the cheapest price available.

2. Partner Discounts

As AirShare has relationships with over 100 aircraft management companies across Australia, we receive flight discounts exclusively available to us.

3. Ride-Share

AirShare provides the opportunity to ride-share your flight with other travelers. This means that if you have extra space on your private charter, we’ll advertise it and sell on your behalf. AirShare only charges a small fee on the additional seats filled.

4. Fill the Return Flight

Most charter flights are one-way journeys, so when the pilot drops you at the airport, the aircraft is empty on the flight back to base. The return trip is always built into the price. AirShare will fill these seats, and you receive 80% of the proceeds.

AirShare Flight Charters

With the widest range of services and access to the biggest fleet in the industry including helicopters, AirShare is able to facilitate practically any domestic flight imaginable. AirShare offers charter flights from a wide range of departure locations across Australia, including:

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hamilton Island, Adelaide. Click here to see all locations.

Flying a Jet

How Much Will it Cost Me to Hire a Jet in Australia?

The following list is a guide to help you choose which type of jet is most suited to your needs. Featuring passenger and distance restrictions, you’ll be able to get an idea of what you should be looking for. For more information, read our detailed price guide of charter planes here.

Types of Jets

Light Jet (up to 6 Passengers)

  • Cost: from $2,500 per flight hour
  • Maximum Flight Time: Up to 5 hours
  • Maximum Range: 1,600 – 2,900 km’s
  • Popular Aircraft: Cessna Citation Mustang, Socata TBM 850, Piper Aerostar 600
A Cessna 402 before flight.

Midsize Jet (4-9 passengers)

  • Cost: From $3,800 per flight hour
  • Max Flight Time: 6 hours
  • Maximum Range: 3,200 – 4,800 km’s
  • Popular Aircraft: Cessna Citation, Cessna Conquest, Piper Chieftain
Citation Excel on runway.

Super Mid-Size Jet (6-12 passengers)

  • Cost: From $7,500 per flight hour
  • Max Flight Time: 7 hours
  • Maximum Range: 4,800 – 6,500 km’s
  • Popular Aircraft: Cessna Sovereign, Learjet Challenger, Dassault Falcon 20
A Falcon 50 Super Mid-size jet in flight.

Heavy Jet (8-16 passengers)

  • Cost: From $11,000 per flight hour
  • Max Flight Time: 10+ hours
  • Maximum Range: 6,500 km’s
  • Popular Aircraft: Learjet Global Express XRS, Dassault Falcon 900, SAAB 340
Falcon 900B - Heavy Jet

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