My Experience with Flight Training

Written By: Gauranga Magriplis

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I started my flight training in February of 2016 and completed it in May of 2017. Through the entire journey you will pass many milestones small and large. The most exciting of which is the first time you go solo. This is the first time you take control of an aircraft by yourself and fly a single circuit pattern and re-land on the runway. From then you go on to achieve various licences, endorsements and ratings. The most difficult in my opinion being the multi-engine command instrument rating (MECIR) this is when you learn how to fly an aircraft with two engines and by only looking at your instruments. This is to simulate flying in poor visibility and weather and to this day I maintain this is the most difficult thing I have ever learned to do.

As a 22 year old learning to fly out of the Gold Coast it was a seriously incredible experience. The mixture of exciting things happening at the Gold Coast airport don’t happen everywhere. It had everything, from large commercial aircraft to private jets with VIPs, scenic flights and parachuting and students learning to fly. For me some of the highlights were doing circuits at night over the Gold Coast, and flying out to extremely remote parts of Australia where for hours at a time you wouldn’t even see evidence of human life only incredible landscape.

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One of my favourite adventures –

Was the morning we departed the Gold Coast at first light, flying to Coffs Harbour. That time of the morning the control tower does not operate so you simply do as you please. As I departed and started my climb to a cruising altitude of 9500ft basically following the Australian East Coast, to my left is ocean and the sun only just starting to peek over it. To my right The Great Dividing Range, the worlds 5th longest mountain range, longer than The Himalayas. This was only some of the amazing flying I did.

Do I miss it? Sometimes and yes! But that’s what I bring to the table! A love of flying and the desire to run a company and to change the world in some way. And that is why I want to change the way people use and access charter aviation, by introducing ridesharing and proper space optimisation.

It’s going to be a great ride…..share!

– Gauranga

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