Joy Flights

Written By: Gauranga Magriplis

Read time: 1 min

When we started AirShare we had (and still do have) so many ideas of what AirShare could become. The main premise is to be able to leverage empty space on light charter aircraft and fix underutilisation for the operators. As we dug into our ideas, and spoke to people and operators we found that their biggest problem was with joy flights. “Why is there always an empty seat or two on our scenic flights?”
Simple answer; no one knows they can easily have access to an empty seat or two on a joy flight.

A seemingly basic problem but when we looked deeper it seemed it plagued most joy flight operators. So much so that in Australia alone it is a problem worth $30M annually.
So joy flights it is! We now have affiliations with 3 charter operators and services listed in 7 Australian cities. With a goal to have 30 cities by mid-2019 and a move into a second country in time for Christmas 2019.
So what does all this mean? Lots of hard work, joy flights and happy customers to come!


If you think you might be interested in a joy flight, feel free to peruse our experiences! We guarantee an awesome experience and the cheapest prices!

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