Humble Beginnings

Written By: Jack Buscombe

Read time: 2 mins

You’ve arrived at the first AirShare Blog post. By hook or by crook, you’re in the lions den. Being the first instalment of the AirShare blog, I’ll keep it fairly brief – an introduction of myself, my co-founder, and a bit about AirShare.

With that said, my name is Jack – a dinky-di Aussie with a bit of Canadian blood for good measure.
My first connection with AirShare came when a man climbed onto my roof and jumped through my window after I had just returned from an extended overseas trip. After he came in like a wrecking ball and destroyed everything in sight, I dusted him off, gave him a few wet wipes, and offered him a warm beverage. We sat in my room and discussed a brain fart he had in a world where people would rideshare charter trips on light aircraft. I usually wouldn’t entertain a conversation of this nature with a strange man who just came bounding through my window, however this was not our first encounter. In fact, I think the unapologetically relentless behaviour is exactly what I’d look for in someone to start a venture with – so AirShare was now a thing. Sort of.

Jack Buscombe - AirShare Co-founder
A candid image of me courtesy of Linkedin

My partner in crime is mad-as-a-cut-snake Greek/Dutch mouthful, Gauranga Magriplis; or just simply, ‘G’. Acquainting ourselves as classmates in high school on the Sunshine Coast led to us flatting in a comfy unit in Brisbane during our university years. Amongst a succession of heinous occurrences (which will not be mentioned) and like-mindedness, talks of co-ventures became a regular subject around the house. Fast forward 2 years; Bada-bing Bada-boom: AirShare.

Gauranga graudation photo
From Gauranga's Grad. He'll hate that I uploaded this. Good.

In early 2018 shortly after the early conceptual discussions of what AirShare would be and could look like, the point was raised that building a platform to service what we envisioned would cost a truckload of $$$. At the time, we’d be lucky to have a fannypack of change to share between the two of us. So the only option (we thought), was to DIY it – Codecademy for breakfast, lunch & tea. Almost immediately, we whipped up an application to an accelerator, got accepted, slapped on a logo, name and purely cosmetic webface and pitched the idea to a few different panels over a weekend. You may have guessed – that is the origin of the prehistoric blog picture at the top of the screen. Anyway, we failed. No investment, although some members of the panels reached out after the weekend and we made some cool contacts.

We sat in my bedroom & discussed how to rideshare charter trips on light aircraft

A couple months pass testing processes and iterating through ideas about what charter companies want, what the greater public wants, and what we would be capable of. After the push we needed from some mentors, we started getting useful data and arrived to where AirShare is today – connecting customers to awesome flight experiences and charter operators with spare capacity. Not only do we guarantee the cheapest price for our experiences that you’ll find anywhere, but it is also our duty to treat our partners as family; we only win if they win.

So since that fateful morning where my privacy was invaded (and I realised my residence had a massive security issue), AirShare has become a guided and steadfast unit. We’ll be continuing to expand our partner network into the tail end of the year, so unless you’re reading this from Mars you can expect AirShare experiences to be popping up near you in no time.

Told you it’d be brief. It’s 2018 and everyone has the attention span of a lemon skin, so until there is a miraculous story that can’t be divvied up, most of our posts will be about this length.

Until next time, hooroo!

– Jack 

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