Written By: Gauranga Magriplis

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So now that Jack has set the scene, very delicately might I add. Lets get down to business with our first move which was the Horizons program.

We were at the point where we had realised that ride-share charter was going to be quite difficult to achieve. So we needed some low hanging fruit. We had plenty of other ideas, but we needed to find out what was feasible. While we were working on that, I applied for an accelerator program put together by Slingshot called Horizons. A few weeks rolled by and we found ourselves pitching AirShare to a bunch of new faces at Fishburners in Brisbane City (affectionately called “fish burgers”). The pitch seemed like it was over in a flash, at which point i was expecting some hard questions from the panel. To our delight all they wanted to know was if we could commit to the program and if we had a PTY. LTD. YES and YES.

We walked out of the room, feeling pretty good about ourselves. As we got in the lift to head out, I looked at Jack grinning ear to ear and said ‘’they get it, we are in!” he laughed at me and rolled his eyes. Maybe I am too much of an optimist, but either way we still had so much work to do! After all we still need to isolate our first niche.

But more on that soon!


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