9 Best Deals for Hervey Bay Whale Watching

Written By: Jack Buscombe

Whale Watching in Hervey Bay, Queensland

Hervey Bay whale watching is the often considered one of the best things to do in South East Queensland. Hervey Bay is known as the home of the Whales, and much of the town’s tourism is directed towards it. There are several companies around Hervey Bay that offer awesome watching experiences from a range of vehicles, so we’ve compiled the best deals in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

Trailing Tail of a whale

How Much does it cost to go whale watching?

The most common whale watching tours operate on a boat, however doing it from the sky is also a great experience! Adult prices from all the the providers are listed below:

Water Vessels

  1. Spirit of Hervey Bay (evening half-day tours from $90)
  2. The Boat Club (Kids FREE – half day tours from $95)
  3. Hervey Bay Whale Watch (half day tours from $100)
  4. Tasman Venture (half-day tours from $105)
  5. Whalesong Cruises (half-day tours from $115)
  6. Freedom Whale Watch (full-day tours from $140)
  7. Blue Dolphin (full-day tours from $160)
Whales playing near the boat.

Flight Tours

  1. Fixed-Wing Plane Flights from $80
  2. Helicopter Flights from $90

Best Deals for Whale Watching Tours

Spirit of Hervey Bay Whales

Half-Day Whale Watch Cruise

  • The Spirit of Hervey Bay offers 2 half-day cruises; a 4.5 morning guide for $100, and a 4 hour evening trip for $90. These are the cheapest and most popular tours for adults in the area. We recommend this!
  • The Boat Club offers half-day tours for $95 – and kids travel free.
  • Tasman Venture also offers tours out of Urangan for $115. Expensive, however morning or afternoon tea (depending on time slot) is provided, as well as a free DVD.
  • Hervey Bay Whale Watch business put on half-day trips in the Quick Cat II vessel for $110 in the morning and $100 in the evening.

A half-day tour usually starts early morning between 6-8AM. Departing from Hervey Bay, you’ll cruise up to remote Fraser Island alongside the Humpback Whales, and return around mid-day. The evening time-slots will usually start early afternoon at 1:30-2pm and return after 6-8pm.

Passengers alongside Whale

Full-Day Whale Watching

  • Freedom Whale Watch Tours offer a full-day service for $140. The friendly crew offer exert commentary and a DVD after the trip. And they are now also eco acreddited. We recommend this business for extended tours!
  • Blue Dolphin Tours offer full-day experiences for $160 with lunch and transfers included.

Family Package Deals

Watching whales below the water

You can often save money on family bookings. The best deals for families (2 adults + 2 children) are as follows:

  • The Boat Club offers free tickets for kids on their 4 hour charters. Adult Prices are $95. Transfers from your accommodation is also included. For example, 2 adult + 2 child will cost $190.
  • The Spirit of Hervey Bay offers the family bundle for $280 on the 4 hour time slots.
  • Hervey Bay Whale Watch do morning tours for $285 and evening trips for $265 for families.

There are a tonne of online packages for whale watching deals. If you’re travelling to Hervey Bay, your accommodation will likely have a wide selection of operators to choose from.

Adventure Tours

Whale presenting near boat

Seeing as you’re on such an awesome part of the map, it can be a good idea to bundle whale viewing with a trip over to Fraser Island or the Great Barrier Reef. They all include lunch and transfers from your holiday stay. AirShare recommends the following bundles:

  • Hervey Bay Whale Watch have a Fraser Island & Whales Package on the Quick Cat II vessel for $310 per person.
  • Tasman Venture offers heaps of adventure packages from $250, including trips to/from the coast of Fraser Island and Lady Elliot Island.

Whale Watching from a Helicopter

Aerial View of Humpback Whale

Helicopter tours over the Fraser Coast depart from several locations including the Hervey Bay Airport, Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island, Bunderberg and further south of the Cooloola Coast.

With Hervey Bay being in such close proximity to the southern Great Barrier Reef, there are some exquisite flights which combine the whale watching and flight over the reef. As you begin the flight, you’ll take off with fantastic viewing out to Fraser Island and the Coral Sea which is in abundance of humpbacks. The helicopter then heads further north toward Bundaberg where there are gallery views of Australia’s most famous reefs, including Lady Elliot and Lady Musgrave Island. If you’re looking for experience packages, it dosn’t get much better than this!

When can you see whales in Hervey Bay?

Whale watching season in Hervey Bay sits between July to November. The Humpback Whales swim in from the Pacific Ocean during breading season to frolic around the waters of Hervey Bay. If you’re looking to book whale watching tours, it’s best to go between late August to late October. This is when the beautiful creatures display the most flagrant behaviour.

Whale diving in the distance


Hervey Bay offers some of the best whale watching off the east coast of Queensland. There are great savings to made if you book a family package. And if you’re staying in the area for a while, the adventure tours on the Fraser Island Beach and our of Kingfisher Bay Resort are great value. Contact AirShare for more info on any of the tours above!

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