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Written By: Gauranga Magriplis

In this post, we are going to try and answer all (or at least most) of your questions about taking a flying lesson! So what are the reasons that you would take a flying lesson? Either because you are interested in becoming a pilot, or you are going on a great adventure.

Where to start?

If you are interested in becoming a pilot, it is a great idea to go on a trial introductory flight (TIF). You can book a TIF with any flying school and it allows you to experience it first hand. It gives you an opportunity to really see if you like it and for an instructor to assess how good you are at taking up the knowledge.

If you are interested in it as an adventure, again a TIF is the perfect thing to do but it is more for a recreational purpose. The perfect way to merge a scenic flight and take control of the aircraft also! It really is one of the best flying experiences.

Which aircraft are used?

Well, the first distinction to be made is whether you want to fly a helicopter or airplane (fixed-wing aircraft). This is important because the basics of flight are different. The license for one cannot be used to fly the other. And while the skills can be transferable the methods of flight and controlling them are different. Along with this, they both pertain to very different sections of legislation. All lessons are done in light aircraft also, there was a time that new airline pilots would do lessons in large Boeing 747 jets. Something that is simply too expensive for today.


  • Cessna 152
  • Cessna 162
  • Cessna 172
  • Cessna 182
  • Piper Cherokee


What to expect on your first flying lesson.

Your first flying lesson

Learning to fly is a lot of fun and a lot of work! And if you want to get to the point of being a commercial pilot it will take almost two years of study and flight training. The first of many flying lessons are the very bare basics. All it really includes is how to make the aircraft travel in the direction you want it to.

You will learn how to manipulate the aircraft controls in flight. The first step when you learn to fly is a comprehensive ground briefing. This will include how the aircraft flies, the tree axis about which it can move and most importantly how to manipulate the flight controls to manipulate the aircraft. When you jump into the aircraft your instructor will perform the takeoff and departure from the airport. The instructor will fly to an area called a training area. This is a designated bit of airspace for practice! This is where you will spend a lot of time when you learn flying.

Flying Lesson Brisbane


How much is a flight lesson?

The average flight lesson will go for about 30-60 minutes. So depending on the aircraft and how senior the instructors are it will cost you between $100-$300 for the lesson.

Do I need any experience before going on a flying lesson?

No, all you need to do is show up for your lesson!

Is it suitable for kids?

Yes, a trial flight and indeed flight training is suitable to people under 16. however you cannot obtain a license until you are over the age of 16.

Where can you learn how to fly?

There are a lot of flying schools around Australia. From little flying clubs at small airports to larger training schools in major cities. All of which will offer a trial flight and full flight training.

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