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Written By: Jack Buscombe

How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Plane in Australia?

So you’ve decided you want to charter a plane, but you don’t know what a fair price is for air charter. Or perhaps you’ve received a quote and your jaw hit the floor. We get it, air charter isn’t cheap! You can use this guide to get a better idea of the cost to charter private aircraft and find out if there are better solutions available.

Front of a private plane

How Much Does it Cost to Charter a plane?

First things first, the following is an hourly pricing guide for private charter on the main type of planes:

  1. piston twin: $500 – $1,400 per flight hour;
  2. turboprop up to 19 passengers: $1,800 – $3,300 per flight hour;
  3. large regional turboprops: $3,500 – $5,500 per flight hour;
  4. light corporate jets: $2,750 – $4,500 per flight hour;
  5. medium corporate jets with stand-up cabin: $4,000 – $9,500 per flight hour;
  6. large corporate jets with very long range: $8,000 – $12,000 per flight hour; and
  7. airliner: $8,000 – $15,000 per flight hour.
  8. helicopter: $600 – $2,000 per flight hour

Unfortunately one-way destination travel factors in the cost for the empty return trip on the plane. The return trip from your destination airport will usually double your route fees. AirShare will eliminate these costs by filling empty seats with people, and you receive the money from the additional sales. Read here how AirShare is using ride-share to reduce aircraft charter prices in Australia.

What is the Cheapest Plane to Hire?

Small plane in flight

From $500 per flight hour, the cheapest plane to charter is a piston twin. The cheaper price is a result of lower power. They rarely hit over 200 knots, which means longer flight times and limited range. On the other end of the spectrum, the airliners easily hit prices over $15,000 per flight hour. These are the sorts of planes used by the commercial airlines between major cities. Airliners are a cost effective option if you’re looking to transport over 70 passengers.

Helicopter charter is usually a slightly more expensive solution per person, however for flights with under 4 passengers it can be a good alternative. And flying in a helicopter is a much more thrilling experience!

I Want to Charter a Small Plane

Light Cessna Aircraft flying

Charter a Piston Twin

  • Charter flights in a piston twin are priced between $500 – $1,400 per flight hour.
  • A piston twin usually seats up to 6 passengers. Some larger piston planes can fit up to 10 passengers.
  • Chartering a piston twin is usually the cheapest way to charter a private flight if you have a small group. Most piston twins will fly 4-7 passengers up to 1,600 km’s, however larger aircraft can go up to 5,000km’s.

Charter a Turboprop

  • A private flight in a turboprop will cost between $1,800 – $2,500 per flight hour. Some of the turboprops with larger capacity (around 19 passengers) can cost up to $3,300 per flight hour.
  • A standard turboprop plane can board between 8-12 passengers.
  • A turboprop aircraft has a range between 1,600 – 2,500 km’s.
  • They have more power than a Piston Twin plane, hence the significant increase in price per flight hour.

Charter a Large Regional Turboprop

  • To hire a Large Regional Aircraft with over 20 passengers, you’ll be expected to pay between $3,500 – $5,500 per flight hour.
  • Large turboprop planes purposed for regional flights have a capacity between 35 – 70 passengers.
  • Depending on the aircraft, a larger turboprop has a range up to 1,700km’s (924 nautical miles).
  • The large turboprop is commonly known for doing trips to long-distance regional destinations. This is why Australia’s main regional airline, Qantaslink, uses large turbopop aircraft to service most of their flights. Regional Turboprops are the most common aircraft used for FIFO workers.

I Want to Charter a Corporate Jet

Business Jet taking off

A private jet charter is a significant step up from the utility aircraft mentioned above. Flight time is significantly faster and the cabin interior has a focus on luxury. Jet charter prices will reflect these upgrades. Private jets are most commonly used for business purposes where executives frequently bounce between airports. Corporate jets and airliners are the most expensive to schedule, however they are great if short flight time is a priority.

Charter a Light Corporate Jet

  • Light jets are the cheapest corporate plane, which costs between $2,750 – $4,500 per flight hour
  • A light jet usually seats up to 6 passengers,
  • A light corporate jet will usually have a flight range between 1,600 – 2,900 km’s
  • The typically hits speeds of around 400 knots; more than double that of piston twin planes

Charter a Mid-Size Corporate Jet

  • A mid-size jet is priced around $6,000 per flight hour. They can however, get as low as $4,000 or above $9,500 per flight hour.
  • A medium size corporate jet seats around 8 passengers.
  • A mid-size jet has an extended range between 3,200 – 4,900 km’s.

Charter a Large Corporate Jet

  • The cost of a large private jet charter is usually around $11,000 per flight hour, however some old planes are priced at $8,000.
  • A large corporate jet will seat between 10 – 13 passengers.
  • The range of a large corporate jet is usually between 4,800 – 6,500 km’s.

Chartering an Airliner

  • The price of renting a private flight on an airliner is usually between $8,000 – $15,000, often on the higher end of the spectrum
  • Most private airliners fit between 70 – 110 passengers, however some aircraft managed by the commercial airlines safely seat over 200 passengers.
  • The range of a private airliner is upwards of 6,500km’s. Most airliners are unable to reach more than 11,000km’s

Looking to Book?

The AirShare price calculator is able to calculate an instant price for free, which you can book online. Alternatively, click here to contact AirShare and our team will send you an email with the cheapest price available. AirShare has partnerships with over 100 expert flight operators and services over 40 locations, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth. Click here to find why you should choose AirShare.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm looking at costs to get out of Australia over to Athens - 1 way. There would be approx for of us plus a small dog.

    At the moment I'm costing it up. Is there an approximate/ball park price?

    1. Hey Dennis,
      Thanks for reaching out! Flights that length are usually priced over $100,000 unless there is an empty leg available. The quote will depend on the number of passengers and luggage etc.
      Feel free to contact us with your details and we'll get a price for you.

  2. do u have flights into Aust that I could share with someone else or group....i am not in nay hurry maybe start 2021 i am flexible preferable Perth or Sydney! Maybe 1 or 2 passengers!

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