4 Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary In Style!

Written By: Gauranga Magriplis

Anniversary gifts

They can be really hard to decide on! Coming up with something new and exciting to do with your loved one is important, but it can also be very stressful! We all know how necessary it is to maintain ‘the spark’ in a relationship. And the best way to do this is to share an experience as opposed to buying an item. Experiences create lasting memories and deepen connections. It gives you an opportunity to try something new and sometimes learn something new.

Research shows that when you share an experience with someone it builds upon your relationship. It is for this reason that we encourage people to enjoy a helicopter ride as a great way to celebrate anniversaries and other milestones. Not only this, but it creates stories to share with friends and even some fuel for a little bit of bragging. So here is our list of some of the best helicopter flight experiences to be shared by couples!

1. Sirromet Winery Helicopter Flight

Sirromet Winery Helicopter Flight

This is one of our most popular flights for couples celebrating their anniversary. Combing romance and opulence, passengers get the celebrity treatment right from the beginning. From the moment you step onto the chopper, it’s all about sharing the thrill of a helicopter flight and making the day as special as it can be. After departing from Archerfield Airport, you’ll be taken on a lap of the Brisbane City and surrounding areas, like the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and Mt Coot-tha. Enjoy amazing views of the city with your loved one and many great photo opportunities!

After a few laps of the CBD skyscrapers, you will head towards Mt Cotton and Sirromet Winery, with gorgeous views along the way. On a clear day you can see both the Brisbane CBD and Gold Coast, and even out to the Moreton and Stradbroke Islands. When you land at the winery you really do feel like a celebrity – all eyes are on you. Most people never get to experience the royal treatment like this. Enjoy a meal and some wine at one of the gourmet restaurants before climbing on board and heading back to Archerfield!

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2. The Glass House Mountains

Helicopter Glasshouse Mountains

The Glass House Mountains Helitour is another sensational adventure and a great way to celebrate! You will depart from Archerfield airport and head for the Glass House Mountains on the Sunshine Coast. On the way you will pass through the Brisbane CBD and northern suburbs. Enjoy many great sights of the scenic rim along the way to the main event! When you arrive at the mountains you are able to get nice and close to the mountains. As you can see above!

Wink Wink!

This flight is great for an anniversary gift and even for proposals ?

While you are on your flight the pilot will provide a little expert commentary about the mountains and the surroundings.

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3. The Gold Coast

Gold Coast Helicopter

The Gold Coast: tourism Mecca of Australia! Gorgeous long golden beaches and one of the prettiest CBD’s in Australia! This flight takes you from Archerfield Airport down along the coastline to Surfer’s Paradise. On the way to the Gold Coast, you’ll have fantastic coastal views on your left, as well as the gorgeous hinterland on the right. You might even see whales and dolphins along the various islands off the east coast of Australia.

Jumping Dolphin

When you arrive at the Gold Coast CBD you’ll be sitting at an altitude of 1,000ft. At this height flying past Q1 (the tallest building in Australia), you will be below the tip of the spire, a pretty incredible feeling!

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4. Moreton Bay

Moreton Island Helicopter

The Moreton Bay scenic flight is a great experience to celebrate an anniversary! Departing from Brisbane and heading to the bay area you will enjoy spectacular views of Greater Brisbane. When you arrive at the bay you will be marveled by gorgeous sights of the archipelago made up by Moreton, Stradbroke and Bribie Islands. Over parts of the islands, you will descend to 500ft. From this height, you can spot schools of fish and even dugongs in the waters below!

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Helicopter flights are a decadent way to share a special day with your partner. If you can combine a flight experience with a nice meal or sentimental gift, you’ll be sure to have a particularly excellent day. And at the end of the day, you can print the photo with the helicopter and keep it for old times sake.

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