4 Amazing Bucket List Scenic Flights

Written By: Gauranga Magriplis

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This blog page is about four scenic flights that we think are bucket list adventures for anyone in the world. These are in my opinion these are some of the best air tours and flying experiences Australia has to offer! AirShare has partners all over Australia and now offers everything from helicopter tours to fixed wing scenic flights, to city helicopter flights and fixed wing aircraft on scenic tours over amazingly beautiful scenery. We also have the added bonus of being able to rideshare all of it! So, in no particular order other than the order I wrote them in here they are!

Great Barrier Reef Scenic Flight

Hill inlet helicopter Airlie beach

The Great Barrier Reef is located in Northern Queensland off the east coast of Australia. It is the biggest reef in the world. It can impressively be seen from orbital space satellites and the international space station. But perhaps more impressive is the view of it one can enjoy from the window of a light aircraft. The Australian east coast is littered with airports, and you would be hard pressed to find an airport on the east coast of Queensland that does not service the Great Barrier Reef.

A scenic joy flight over the Great Barrier Reef is special because there is nothing else like it on earth. There are so many aspects of scenic flight that can only be experienced on the Great Barrier Reef. From the window seat of your light aircraft you will be taken across the reef and have the chance to see various types of marine life, the heart of the great barrier reef and the amazing colours, thousands of islands and various interconnected reefs and coves.


Perth Robin 2160

Aerobatics is all about the thrill, it happens in an aircraft that can withstand higher G forces than a regular aircraft. You are subject to the very rapid changes and increases and decreases in G forces. For some quick context standing still on the floor a person will experience 1 G, when someone is falling they will experience 0 G, while someone accelerating at a very high rate will experience more than 1 G. An aerobatic flight is less about the scenery and more about the experience and the G forces. Aerobatic flights are the roller-coaster of the aviation world.

The aircraft is equipped with a massive engine giving it a huge power to weight ratio, with the ability to fly upside down, fly full loops and extremely tight orbits. With these sudden changes in direction and acceleration you feel yourself being pushed into the bottom of your seat with positive G forces. On the other hand you will also feel the effects of negative G forces like weightlessness and when things start to float upwards in the aircraft. A typical symptom of negative G force is when your arms no longer stay by your side by start to float up uncontrollably. An aerobatic flight is honestly one of the most exciting and invigorating things you can do, and I guarantee it will put a smile on your face!

Uluru Scenic Joy Flight

Sunset over Uluru

Uluru is a very special place, not just in the spiritual sense to the native Australian population. But to anyone that likes an awe-inspiring experience. A sacred place to some and beautiful to all. Uluru is the biggest monolith on Earth and one of the biggest single rocks on earth. A scenic flight around this amazing area is truly special and unforgettable.

Those lucky enough to get to visit here, and the ones even luckier that get to fly around here will see the amazing phenomena of the rock changing colour relative to the different positions of the sun in the sky. With expansive desert in all directions this random monolith is incredible to behold from the air and something you are sure to remember for the rest of your life.

Air Safari!

Aerial View of Lake Eyre Flood

“What’s an air safari?” I hear you say. Well it is exactly what you think it is! A several day flying adventure. Starting in a large town and going from town to airport in different parts of the country.
Ranging from a few days to over a week they are a special way to see a lot of country in a short amount of time.

Our most recommended is a 6 day extravaganza that takes you to a range of incredible locations through the Simpson Desert. Starting in Brisbane Archerfield, stopping in William Creek, Birdsville and Broken Hill. You will enjoy sensational views of the sprawling desert and the star of the journey is Lake Eyre which is in full bloom at the moment thanks to flooding!

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