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Written By: Gauranga Magriplis

If you live in, or are visiting Brisbane and are looking for a great new experience or a fantastic gift idea then have a read about some of the awesome scenic helicopter rides we offer around Brisbane. Helicopter flights are spectacular as something to do or as a gift! People always remember a really good experience and have great memories and live that high for a long time. There are a whole range of helicopter flights we offer in Brisbane from the cheap that we can rideshare and cost share, all the way up to the premium VIP services we offer.
So here is a complete list of all our Brisbane scenic helicopter flights.

Mt. Coot-tha Scenic Helicopter Ride – $69pp

Mount Coot-tha

This is the quickest and least expensive scenic flight we offer in Brisbane.
This being said it is still a great flight, a great scenic flight for backpackers, budget travellers and something new and exciting for the weekend ahead. Mt. Coot-tha in itself is a great Brisbane attraction, from the air by helicopter it is a great experience. This flying experience will have you taken around Mt. Coot-tha and the surrounding suburbs from 1000 feet above the ground. From this position above Mt. Coot-tha you have a sensational view of the Tv towers, the great hinterlands out to the west and the gorgeous Brisbane CBD. As you take a short stint through the air you will get glimpses of the Brisbane International Airport, Suncorp Stadium and Brisbane’s Southbank.

This scenic flight is the perfect taste of what can be seen and experienced by helicopter. Whenever people try this flight, they always want to go on another one. And for this reason we call this one of our gateway flights. This helicopter ride is great value for a gift or as an adventure.

Brisbane City Helicopter tour – $99pp

Brisbane helicopter AirShare

Our most popular scenic flight in Brisbane, for good reason; still a great price and you get up close (or as close as possible) and personal with Australia’s third biggest city. Like all our Brisbane flights you depart from Archerfield Airport and then track due north to the Brisbane CBD. You will enjoy sensational sights of the Brisbane River, Southbank, the Story Bridge and of course the CBD. Your pilot will provide a little bit of expert commentary and a few interesting facts as they take you on several laps of the CBD. Generally, air traffic control will inform the pilot to maintain flight now above 1000 feet. This means that you are flying at an altitude only 200 feel taller than Brisbane’s tallest buildings.

As you circle the CBD there are plenty of different things to look at, the botanic gardens, the Victorian era heritage listed buildings and the massive lowers constructed in the middle of the city. On an average day you are able to see people in their skyscraper office buildings going about their days. This is a truly sensational helicopter ride. Oh, and did I mention you can also go on this at night?!

Moreton Bay Scenic Helicopter Flight – $145pp

Moreton Island Wrecks

The Moreton Bay scenic flight is designed to give you a little taste of a great adventure and make you want to see more! The Bay of Moreton is shared by The City of Brisbane and The Moreton Bay Area. It is home to Australia’s third biggest shipping route and on the other side of it is the island chain of Bribie, Morten and Stradbroke Island, with a few small offshoot islands it is a little archipelago. The calm shallow waters around the islands are home to an abundant amount of sea life which is easily spotter from a low flying aircraft.

On this helicopter tour you are taken from Archerfield to the Moreton Bay, as you track towards the Bay area you see the diverse changes in landscapes. As you fly past the city and populated areas to the rainforests in the area and then arrive at the bay area. You are taken around the bay area and your pilot will tell you a little about the area. On the way back to Archerfield you are taken via Victoria point across one of Brisbane Cities biggest golf courses before arriving back at Archerfield.
This is a great scenic flight that packs in views of the city, Moreton Bay and the great surrounding sights, and still not breaking the bank!

Sirromet Winery Helicopter Tour and stop off.

Sirromet Winery Flight

It is a little-known fact that Brisbane is actually wine country!
As far as winery tours go it doesn’t get any better than arriving in a private helicopter. Get treated like a celebrity for the day as you depart Archerfield and track for the Sirromet Winery. Along the way enjoy the sights of the sprawling hinterlands and sights around Brisbane. The winery is situated at Mount Cotton. This is a unique vantagepoint, from the air on a clear day you can see the CBD of both the Gold Coast and Brisbane. When you arrive at the winery you will be taken on a quick tour from the air and then you will land. From here you are free to spend some time at the winery. Perhaps buy lunch or sip on a glass of wine and enjoy a cheese board.

When you have had your fill, you will climb back onto the helicopter and take-off, on the return journey you will take a slightly different path so you can take in a few slightly different sights in the area. The forests on the south of Brisbane and the smaller towns that dot the area. It is a perfect day out for a couple celebrating a relationship milestone!

Stradbroke Island Scenic Helicopter Ride – $689 up to 3 Passengers.

Brisbane Scenic Helicopter Flights

This flight is for those wanting a little bit more. It takes you around either North or South Stradbroke island this time, the choice is yours to make in flight! The Stradbroke islands are the last islands in the island chain that was mentioned earlier. When you depart Archerfield, you are taken to where the two islands meet. At this point your pilot will ask you which one you would like to explore. From this point onwards you can pretty much ask your pilot to take you to have a look at anything on the island. Once you are flying over the beaches on the island the pilot will take the aircraft down to 500 feet. From this vantage point you have a great close up view of the surroundings. As before mentioned there is an abundance of sea life near the islands. Large sharks, huge schools of fish and dugongs and dolphins can always be seen from the aircraft. If you are lucky enough and depending on the time of year pods of whales are sometimes migrating through that area. It is always exciting to see a marine mammal below you in the water that is larger than the aircraft you are in!

Moreton Sea life Helicopter Flight – $1197 up to 3 Passengers.

Moreton Helicopter Brisbane

This scenic flight is a little bit more again and essentially combines the previous two listed. This flight is nothing less than luxury. You are taken by private helicopter to Stradbroke Island and then follow the island chain back up to Moreton Island. The bulk of the flying over the islands is done at 500 feet. This means you have a great opportunity to take in the fantastic views of the beaches and forests on the islands. On this scenic flight we can almost guarantee you will encounter sea life from your window seat. After you have island hopped up to Moreton Bay you will return to the airport by flying across the mainland past the Brisbane CDB, this really is a huge scenic flight packed with sights!

Gold Coast Helicopter Ride – $915 up to 3 Passengers.

Gold Coast Scenic Flight

The Gold Coast is probably the biggest tourist destination in Australia. It the 6th biggest city in Australia built in between gold beaches and the Great Dividing Range. The Gold Coast can boast nearly all year-round sun and great swimming weather. It is also home to the tallest building in Australia Q1 the undisputed jewel of The Gold Coast skyline. The gold coast itself is a fantastic place to visit. A helicopter tour of The Gold Coast will take you from Archerfield Airport out east to the coastline. From there you will make your way down to the CBD following the famous golden beaches.

When you arrive at the CBD the tip of the spike on the Q1 tower is 1058 feet high, this means that it will be 58 feel higher than your helicopter. As your pilot takes you on a few laps of the city excited people are always waving at you from the windows of all buildings. The city and the beaches are the most exciting sights of the flight. But a close second is the 5 major theme parks scattered around the Gold Coast and the gorgeous hinterland surroundings. Often you will see a large commercial airliner on final approach to The Gold Coast Airport. From the city to the theme parks and the other aircraft in the area this flight is almost a celebration of human achievement!

The Glasshouse Mountains Helicopter Tour – $1197 up to 3 Passengers.

Helicopter Glasshouse Mountains

The Glasshouse mountains are a collection of age old (now dormant) volcanoes. Named they get their name from early explorers that said from a distance they reminded them of the smoke stacks of glass refineries back home in England. The giant mountains are randomly scattered around a section of Australia in between Brisbane and The Sunshine Coast. They are held as sacred to the indigenous people and are said to be over 26 million years old.

The scenic flight itself takes you through the Brisbane city, giving you the opportunity to experience that from the air before arriving at the main event. Your pilot will take you to each one while giving you a little commentary about their significance and some facts about them. This is a great flight jam packed with sights from your unique position in the sky above these mountains you can see the Brisbane CDB all the way up the mountains of the Sunshine Coast. Your flight is dotted with many towns, lakes, rivers and even other small airfields in the area. So you might even spot another small aircraft buzzing around in the area. This is a truly special flight, and everyone we have spoken to that has been on it always says they will remember it for the rest of their life!

Note from Gauranga Magriplis –

All our Brisbane flightsdiffer in price, duration and sights. There is something to suite all budgets and tastes. They are the perfect gift, celebration or activity to impress a business associate. But perhaps our favourite is when people are going on it just to explore their home city, a sensational weekend activity! This is a comprehensive list of all the helicopter flights that we offer in Brisbane. We do offer plenty more flights right around Australia, our goal is to make it easy for people to book and access them. We are working on ridesharing those services also so that in time we can bring down the prices for everyone.

We are now getting to the point where we are offering other flying services like hot air ballooning and skydiving. The goal moving forward form this it to be able rideshare point to point charter flights. Again, in turn bringing prices down for consumers and improving access to regional parts of Australia. A little know fact is that there are over 800 airports in Australia but only 52 of them are used for regular commercial operations. When we are able to change this and improve access to small towns from major cities it means there are huge trickle-down economic imprecations for individuals and businesses around Australia!

Thanks for reading this, please leave a comment or some feedback! ?

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