Airlie Beach and The Whitsundays

Written By: Gauranga Magriplis


Located in north Queensland the Whitsunday Region is made up of incredible beaches (one of which is Airlie Beach), a memorising island chain, gorgeous reefs and teaming with sea life. The incredible archipelago is made up by tiny islands, some uninhabited and only a few meters wide peppering the seascape. The large islands of Hamilton and Whitsunday are world famous for their beauty and are all connected by reefs that make up part of the Great Barrier Reef.

The Whitsundays on the East Coast of Australia, is situated along the Great Barrier Reef. While the reef and the beaches are the main draw card to the region there is plenty more to do in the area (Which will be covered below). The Great Barrier Reef itself starts on the central Queensland Coast just north of Bundaberg and spanning just over 2300 km to the north most tip of Queensland. Covering an area of 34,870,000 hectares it is the largest reef on Earth. Spanning about 30% the length of the Australian continent is is interesting to know that is longer than the distance between Sydney and Auckland.

Best Ways To See The Reef

So if you are going to the Whitsundays or Airlie Beach or anywhere along the Great Barrier Reef you are going to want to see the reef. So what are the great ways to see it?

  • Boat Cruises
  • Snorkelling and Diving
  • And of course a Scenic Flight


Cairns Scenic Flight

There is accommodation in the area to suit all budgets.

And heaps more!

Some Of Airlie’s Great Attractions

Airplane Flight over the Whitsundays

The Airlie Lagoon

The Airlie lagoon is a free and relaxed activity. Great for kids, with a life guard and close to amenities. From the shore of this man made lagoon you have amazing views of the surrounding hinterlands. Perfect spot for an afternoon relax with some hot chips!

Airlie Beach Lagoon

The Airlie Foreshore Markets

Open every Saturday! Go explore some wild and wacky things. Great food, great vibes and lots of things to see and do. Enjoy sensational local food and pickup a few trinkets and perhaps some trendy clothes.

Markets at Airlie Beach

Get Active!

There are a heap of different hikes, trails, hidden waterholes and even beaches to find and explore in the Whitsunday Area. While this is a good one and a favourite it might be a good idea to ask a local!

Cedar creek is a little walk for a great reward! The easiest way to find it is just to throw it into google maps and go from there!

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