About AirShare

Our services, our mission, our team.

What is AirShare?

AirShare is a marketplace for flight experiences across Australia, including:

AirShare aims to provide the cheapest prices online for these experiences.

How does AirShare Differ from Other Experience Marketplaces?

  • AirShare is able to provide ride-sharing capabilities on a range of their popular flights.
  • AirShare will attempt to fill empty spots on flights, which means customers don’t have to pay for unused seats!
  • AirShare partners directly with each service provider, so when you book through AirShare, you aren’t just buying a voucher!

What’s next for AirShare

AirShare is creating opportunities to ride-share private flights through their expansive partner network across Australia.

The vision is simple – Customers pay less and operators make more. How this is possible:

  • Through ride-share, people are able to afford seats on charter flights to remote areas.
  • Private planes are filled on the return trip to base.
  • Charter companies are able to utilise empty seats on private flights

The Founding Team

AirShare Founders: Gauranga Magriplis and Jack Buscombe
AirShare Founders: Gauranga Magriplis and Jack Buscombe

AirShare was founded in 2018 by good friends Jack Buscombe and Gauranga Magriplis. AirShare launched in October of that year with the first partner, with the goal to fill empty seats on their helicopter flights in Brisbane.
More specifically, ridesharing empty space on everything from small scenic flights to large charter aircraft.

We are now actively solving the problem of empty space on scenic flights for all our partners.
Making experiences less expensive and using the same ideas to reduce costs on charter transport and freight between cities and remote areas.

Our customer focus comes by creating a new category of ride-share in charter aviation. Making scenic and charter flights cheaper and more accessible. Applying the concept of ride-share and therefore cost-sharing means better and cheaper services for our customers.
This will have economic implications of better connectivity for transport and freight to regional areas.

We hope to see you on board with us!

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